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How is the GDP growing when nothing else seems to be?

We've had strong GDP growth all three quarters this year. To me, that would indicate that, in at least some areas, we should be seeing growth. However, from my extremely ignorant armchair, it... more
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Ok to normalize GDP change by population change?

Does it make sense to normalize change in real GDP by the contemporaneous change in population? I'm interested in this calculation for the following reason. Suppose real GDP increases. I'd like to... more
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What is a supply side shock in macroeconomics?

I was hoping someone could clarify what exactly is meant when someone refers to a country as having undergone a 'supply-side shock' and generally speaking when one is evaluating the health or... more
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Does Inflation Make Money Eventually Worthless?


Is a country in economic downturn if its growth rate is negative, but improving?

As I understand it, economic downturn means that economic growth is significantly slowing down or entering into recession. (If anyone wants to correct me, please do so). i.e. Growth rate is... more


on economic growth and Second Welfare theorem?

While I was studying eighth edition of Mankiw's Macroeconomics, in chapter 9 on Economic Growth(pg. 245), the author mentions :**"Some economists have proposed increasing the incentive to save by... more

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