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Taxonomy Botany Nomenclature


Hominidae is to hominid as Poaceae is to what?

I considered asking this on English. SE, but decided against it, since it strictly applies to biological nomenclature, which not many of them will know about - particularly that of plants. So, in... more


Human evolution: Where *exactly* did the first human come from, whose parents were not?

Layman here. So I have never really quite understood this facet of human evolution, (or any other for that matter), in that, I understand the evolutionary process, but I get lost on the 'border'... more


How to correctly and accurately identify a few species of trees from their leaves?

I want to identify a tree from one of the 12 species listed based on observing their branch and leaves. Is there quick and neat way to do it? Red Oak, White Oak, Red Maple, Striped Maple, Tulip... more
Taxonomy Anatomy Vertebrates


What is the smallest known organism with a skeleton?

See question title. After doing some looking around on my own I haven't found much so I figured I'd ask some experts.
Taxonomy Entomology


Do all the members of an insect order share the same family?

Currently I am taking an entomology class and one of my projects is to collect 60 specimens. All I have to do is get them to order and family and I get full credit. I have all the orders necessary... more


Earth Science c/o taxonomy

Taxonomy for domestic cat:       Kingdom:   Animalia Phylum:      Chordata Class:         Mannalia Order:       Carnivora Family:      Felidae Genus:    Felis Species:   catus   (note: ... more

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