Samantha J.

asked • 10/01/12

Why does salt crystals dissolve in the water?

why does salt crystals dissolve in water?

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Robert C. answered • 10/01/12

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Stanton D.

Whoops, Robert C., enthalpy is H and entropy is S. Also, it's a "sea" of H2O, not a "see"!
Otherwise, a nice explanation. I particularly liked the way you related entropy and number of ion position states.


Robert C.

Yes, that is what I said in my post. I quote myself:
"ΔG is the change in free energy. If ΔG < 0, the process is spontaneous. ΔH is the change in enthalpy, T is the absolute temperature, and ΔS is the change in entropy." (emphasis added)
I am unsure if you intend your comments as a correction of my answer, but that is how it came across. Please explain what part you think is incorrect.


Cecelia G.

No need to get defensive!
Here is the part I think Stanton is referring to (from the second paragraph):
"Free energy can take the form of bonds (enthalpy, S) or degree of disorder (entropy, H)."
Thanks for the detailed explanation, though. It really helped!


Natalee L. answered • 10/01/12

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David R. answered • 10/22/12

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Robert C.

That is a good point, David.



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