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Mutations Question

Describe how mutations can, but do not always, cause a change in phenotype.


Electron Transport Chain

1. what are similarities between the location of the Electron transport chain in photosynthesis and in cellular respiration.    2. Compare the types of transport molecules, purpose, and products... more


Electron Transport Chain

Question: Speculate on the role evolution may have played in the existence of these two different electron transport chains. Support your ideas referencing the common mechanisms of evolution and... more


Biology Question.

Many species of photosynthetic algae live inside the bodies of animals s as corals, sponges,and marine slugs. In symbiotic fashion, the photosynthetic algae or plant makes food for itself and the... more


Rubisco is an enzyme that can be shut down by the prescense of too much oxygen because oxygen is a competitive inhibitor that blocks the binding site of carbon

(continuation of question)  dioxide. How do you think this impacts the production of sugar? Can you think of ways in which a photo autotroph can avoid having this occur?



Hello, I am working through a little case study exercise related to insulin resistance, which is the primary cause of type-2 diabetes. According to my reading, "a continuous over stimulation of... more


Biological Experiment that Produces Quantitative Data for High School Sudents

If I have to create a biological experiment that produces quantitative data, and is more complex than growing a plant in different conditions and measuring its growth, but still inexpensive and... more


Which graph depicts the rate of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction from low substrate concentrations to saturating substrate concentrations?

I am a little confused on what substrate means exactly... so in turn I am not exactly sure what the question is asking.I know the answer is C and I would like to know why. Also, what would the... more


The tertiary structure and function of a polypeptide is prinicpally determined by the....

  I am stuck between B and D. Since A and C are most likely not correct, what structures would C and A apply to?   A) length of the polypeptide   B) number of nucleotides present in a... more


The sequence of the amino acids is the _______ structure of proteins.

I know that A is the right answer but wouldn't all the four structures contribute to the sequence?     A) primary   B) secondary   C) tertiary   D) quaternary


Which of the following correctly illustrates a dipeptide and an amino acid in the optimal position to form a tripeptide?

For this question, I would like to know exactly why A is the right answer, and why the remaining answers are wrong. I originally picked answer C.    I had to take a picture and post it on another... more


glucose + glucose --> maltose + water

the ΔG for the following reactions is 4.0 kcal/mol:   glucose + glucose --> maltose + water   if ATP were used to drive this reaction (ΔG for the hydrolysis of ATP is -7.3 kcal/mol). what... more


How do you solve these molar problems?

Please explain thoroughly how to solve these . Thank you ! 1.) Sucrose has a molecular mass of 342 daltons. To make a 2-molar (2 M) solution of sucrose, _____. a) stir 342 g of sucrose in water to... more


What Type of receptor is affected by Sarin?

Sarin is a toxin that affects the nervous system. Also, The specifics of cellular response and organismal response to the sarin are?


What signal mechanism is affected by Sarin?

Sarin is a toxin that affects the nervous system. 


What tendency of the membrane that aides in movement between extra-cellular and intracellular?

It for a test review, I need help. 


Biology questions for study guide

1.) Describe the complete, but concise, step-wise process of how matter on primitive Earth turned into multi-cellular, eukaryotic cells.2.) Define evolution and describe, in some detail, three... more


Helicase Ligase Polymerase Replication Transcription Translation Recombinant

Could someone match these to:   a. glues DNA strands together b. copy of a gene c. unzips DNA strands d. rough ER e. synthesized human insulin f. reads code and matches base pairs g. copy... more


AP Biology question on writing equations

Write an equation that uses the products of photosynthesis as reactants and uses the reactants as products. Add energy as another product. 


There are two places in a plant cell where you will find electron transport chains. where are they?

What are two places in a plant cell where you will find electron transport chains?


If you were a pharmaceutical researcher, why would you want to learn the three dimensional shapes of naturally occurring signaling molecules?

i understand that biological molecules can bind to each other forming the weak bonds and that they can mimic other molecules  but I don't see the importance In the 3D shapes 
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