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When proteins are not reduced, and insulin continues to bind to insulin receptors. Which of the following is most likely occurring?

Type 2 diabetes is characterized by an inability of the cell to correctly process the hormone insulin. Studies show that insulin continues to be produced by the pancreas, the amount of insulin... more


Why is ATP an important molecule in metabolism?

a. Its terminal phosphate group contains a strong covalent bond that does not contain much chemical energy b. Its hydrolysis provides an input of free energy for exergonic reactionsc. It provides... more


The major function of fermentation in our muscle cells is

A. to reduce NAD+ to NADHb. to generate lactic acid, which is later converted into fatty acid, which is a form of stored chemical energyc. not really known, and in fact it is believed fermentation... more


What process below would speed up a reaction by lowering the activation energy?

A. Adding heatB. Adding a catalystC. Increasing the amounts of reactantsD. Increasing the entropyE. All of the above would speed up a reaction by lowering the activation energy

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