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What 2 general steps follow the reception of a signalling molecule (ligand)?

I don’t know if this is useful, but the question said: nerve growth factor is a water-soluble signalling molecule.
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Chemistry moles, molecules, ions, and molarity question

A solution containing 50.8 g of sodium sulfate in a volume of 0.558 L was prepared. Calculate the number of moles of sodium sulfate in this solution. Calculate the number of molecules of sodium... more


C8H18+O2=O2+H2O Stoichiometry

C8H18+O2=O2+H2O a. A liter of gasoline has a mass of about 702 g. What mass of carbon dioxide is produced when 2 liters of gasoline burns? b. How many moles of water will be produced from 1 mole... more
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functional group and properties of maltose

what are the functional group and properties of maltose give a deep explanation


Chemistry Word Problem #2. Please help asap!

The optimal level of fluoride in drinking water suggested by the World Health Organization in 1994 is between 0.5mg/L and 1.0mg/L. How many moles of sodium fluoride would have to be added to pure... more
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Chemistry Word Problem. Please Help ASAP!

In 2001, the annual global production of hydrogen sulfate (mainly in the form of sulfuric acid) was 165 million tonnes. [1 tonne is defined as 1000 kg] Determine the number of MOLECULES of hydrogen... more


Chemistry Question Moles and Molecules

Seven moles of calcium hydroxide has_____ number of Molecules i was told the answer is 42.16*10^23 how did they get that as the answer? Thank you
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How many moles are in 8.6x10^26 molecules of H2O expressed in the correct number of significant figures?

A. 1,400 mil h2oB. 5.2x10^50 mol h2oC. 1.4 mol h20 D. 1.4x10^51 mol h2o


How big is an atom?

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What kind of bond holds a water molecule together?

What kind of bond holds a water molecule together?
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which name of Zn(OH)2 compound is right? Zinc Hydroxide, or Zinc(||) Hydroxide ?

i know that Zinc is one of the metals cations, but i don't know if it's a transition metal too. I asked my professor once and he preferred the second one Zinc(||) Hydroxide, but after i researched... more


Where are hydrogen bonds located in nucleic acids and carbohydrates?

I'm having trouble answering the following questions: “where would you find hydrogen bonds in nucleic acids?” “where would you find hydrogen bonds in carbohydrates”?
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chemistry problem

The natural abundance of 2H is 0.015% and that of 18O is 0.20%. How many 2H218O molecules are there in 1.0 moles of water?

Why does ClO3- only have 2 double bonds instead of 3?

I drew a Lewis Structure of ClO3- with 3 double bonds instead of 2 and 1 single bond but I'm wondering if it is a valid structure.  Is there a maximum amount of double bonds that Cl can make?


Atoms are a combination of molecules

Please tell me the answer to the question 


help with molecule

if there is a representation of a molecule found in mothballs, is it unsaturated, an aromatic compound, a hydrocarbon or all of these.   the molecule   has 6 sides with a circle in it.  Cl is at... more
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If you were a pharmaceutical researcher, why would you want to learn the three dimensional shapes of naturally occurring signaling molecules?

i understand that biological molecules can bind to each other forming the weak bonds and that they can mimic other molecules  but I don't see the importance In the 3D shapes 

Which Lewis Dot Diagram could represent a noble gas?

1. X (Two dots at top) 2. X (Dots all around except on right, only has one instead of two) 3. X (One on the right) 4. X (Dots all around except on left, only has on instead of two)

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