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For a particular wind powered generator the wattage W generated by a wind velocity of v miles per hour is modeled by W(v)= 3.9v^3

If the wind velocity drops to one third it’s former rate, what happens to the wattage generated?  Solve W=3.9v^3 for v  if the wind generator is producing 31200 watts find the wind speed

Dillon has a bag of marbles. There are 4 blue, 2 green, 1 white, 4 black, and some red marbles in the bag. If the probability of pulling out a red marble is 3/4

 i     dont             know          what to write      

Question in description

  When the mechanic at a car dealership checked the cars on the lot, he found that some were ½ full of gas and some were ¼ full. There were a total of 85 cars and 30 tanks of gas in all. All of... more

Find k if x^3+6x^2+kx+12 is divisible by (x+4)

Please find k!!

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