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asked • 10/25/20

Can you help summarize what King Arthur is trying to say to Sir Gawain in each text.

  1. Then the King commanded him to rise and come forward and he stood quickly, walked with stately steps to kneel before the king and claim his weapon. Arthur handed it over and held his hand to give him God’s blessing. With a glad smile he charged him to be hardy in heart.
  2. The king then commanded that he quickly should rise, and he readily uprose and directly approached, kneeling humbly before his highness, and laying hand on the weapon; and he lovingly relinquished it, and lifting his hand gave him God’s blessing, and graciously enjoined him  that his hand and his heart should be hardy alike. ‘Take care, cousin,’ quoth the king, ‘one cut to address, and if thou learnest him his lesson, I believe very well that thou wilt bear any blow that he gives back later.’
  3. Then Arthur commanded the knight to rise, and he rose up quickly and knelt down before the king, and caught hold of the weapon; and the king loosed his hold of it, and lifted up his hand, and gave him his blessing, and bade him be strong both of heart and hand. “Keep thee well, nephew,” quoth Arthur, “that thou give him but the one blow, and if thou redest him rightly I trow thou shalt well abide the stroke he may give thee after.”
  4. So the sovereign instructed his knight to stand. Getting to his feet he moved graciously forward And knelt before Arthur, taking hold of the axe. Letting go of it, Arthur then held up his hand to give young Gawain the blessing of God and hope he finds firmness in heart and fist. “Take care, young cousin, to catch him cleanly,Use full-blooded force then you needn’t fear the blow which he threatens to trade in return.”
  5. What do YOU believe Arthur’s advice to Gawain is AND how do you suppose this advice will help Gawain as the story progresses?

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