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Calculus word problem help please?

b)Findv(t), the velocity at time t.c)Find s(t), the height at time t.d)How high does it go?
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Calculus word problem help

The velocity at time t seconds of an object moving on a line is v(t) = 2cos(πt),with distance measured in meters. The position of the object at time zero seconds is 2 meters. Find the acceleration... more
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Calculus word problem

An object is moving along a line, with time in seconds, and distance in feet. The acceleration of the object at timet is a(t) = -32 feet per second per second. The velocityof the object at t = 0... more
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calculus word problem - related rates

two people leave the same point at the same time. one walks due east at a rate of 3 miles per hour. the other one walks due north at 2 miles per hour. find the rate at which the distance between... more
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Calculus word problem

a tank in the shape of an inverted cone is being drained. the radius is 6 feet, and its height 15 feet. At what rate is the depth of the water tank decreasing at the instant when the depth is 7... more
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China's population in 1980 was 983 million; in 1990, it was 1,154 million.

Develop the mathematical model that represents China's population. (Write your model in terms of t, where t is the number of years after 1980. Let p represent China's population in millions. Round... more

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