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Precalc Question -- Find Angle Measure in Radians for -0.6 Rotations

What angle measure, in radians, corresponds to −0.6 rotations around a unit circle? (Round your answer to two decimal places.)

The book gives the answer (-3.77) but not the process of how to get to the answer; it's really frustrating. 

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Each rotation turns 2pi radians.

So, -0.6 rotations turn -06*2pi = -3.77 radians <==Answer

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Robert is correct but just for a little more detail:

one full rotation of any circle (meaning the unit circle included) has an angle measure of 2pi radians, when they say -.6 rotations they mean .6 of a rotation in the negative angular direction, thus as Robert writes 

(-.6)(2pi)= -3.77