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how to use the comparison test to find p

Use the Comparison Test to determine for what values of p the integral 2 to infinity of 1 all over x raised to p times the ln(x) dx converges.


Inequality/interval notation question

Let S be (−∞,3]∪[15,∞) Then S can also be described in set notation by the inequality |x−a|≥b   a=? b=?


If infinity is never ending, and zero is nothing. Wouldn't nothing never end?

Since zero already ended wouldn't never end? Into consideration shouldn't a new factor come into play?
Infinity Limits Trig Tan


Limit at infinity with cot and tan

limx-->positive infinity tan ( x/x^2+1)    limx--> negative infinity cot ( pix/4x+1)    This is so confusing for me, i would lice a detailed step by step. 


what is infinity over infinity

what will be infinity over infinity .will it be infinity,  
Infinity Calculus Limits Sine


Determine lim x->(infinity) 2^x +sin(x)

How do I solve this? The sine is really confusing me
Infinity Calculus Limits


Find the horizontal limit(s) of the following function: f(x)= (9x^3-8x^2-8x)/(7-8x-7x^3)

Find the horizontal limit(s) of the following function:   f(x)= (9x^3-8x^2-8x)/(7-8x-7x^3)   I know that one of the horizontal limits is the -9/7, but I'm still missing one and can't find it,... more
Infinity Algebra 2


infinite limits and e^x

I understand that as x approaches (+) infinity, e^x = infinity. I also understand that as x approaches (-) infinity, e^x = 0.  The graph makes sense. So, as x approaches (-) infinity, -e^x =... more

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