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Hira S.

asked • 06/27/19

If Tan^2(t)-Sin^2(t)=Sin^a(t)/Cos^b(t), then the positive power a= ALSO the positive power b=

So, I know the first two steps

sin^2(t)/cos^2(t) -sin^2(t)


I have no idea what to do after this? I looked and it said to factor but I have no idea why you factor sin^2(t)???

^This is me just simplifying the left side.

Please show all steps so I can understand how to get the answer! Thank you!

Mark M.

Your first step is wrong. You changed the a to 2 and the b to 2.


Hira S.

I didn't do anything to the right side. My first step was changing tan into sin^2(t)/cos^2(t) and than I found a common denominator which was cos^2(t)


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