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Trigonometry Functions Trigonometry


Please help to determine the exact length of the wood

To support a new 5m wall in the construction of a home, the carpenters nail a piece of wood from the top of the wall to the floor, with the piece of wood forming the hypotenuse of a right triangle... more
Trigonometry Functions Trigonometry Trigonometry Identities


find sin theta, given sec theta= 4/3 and tan theta<0

I know that theta must be in the fourth quadrant but I am lost on what identities to use for solving sin theta.
Trigonometry Functions Math Trigonometry Triangles


If two angles in the ration of 5:4 are represented by 5x and 4x, express each of the following statements as an equation; then find x and the angles.

A. The angles are adjacent and together form an measuring 45 degrees B. The angles are complementary C. The angles are supplementary D. The angles are two angles of a triangle whose third angle is... more
Trigonometry Functions


Why do sine waves cycle between 1 and -1?

In the sine function y=sin(x), why does the sinusoid travel between 1 and -1
Trigonometry Functions Trigonometry Trigonometric Identities


How to find coordinates on terminal arm

The angle theta is in the first quadrant and sin of theta = 2/sqrt(13) determine the possible coordinates for point P on the terminal arm
Trigonometry Functions


Find x, sin((2x+3))=cos((x-12))

I am doing study island and am stuck on this problem. I have to find X.
Trigonometry Functions Precalculus Trigonometry


The function f(x)= sin x + cos x can be written in the form f(x)= A sin (Bx + C). Find A, B, and C.

A table might help


Sinusoidal functions (wave problem)

The depth of water in a certain area can be estimated by using this equation:   h(t)=-4.3cos(pi/6.35(t+1.6))+8.4   A boat requires a depth of 7.2 m to ensure safe passage into the area. The... more
Trigonometry Functions Math Calculus Trigonometry Identities


(tanθ+cotθ)^2=sec^2θ csc^2θ

Proving identities
Trigonometry Functions Trigonometry


If you are given 3 sides of a triangle, explain how you would find all three angles?

If you are given 3 sides of a triangle, explain how you would find all three angles?
Trigonometry Functions Trigonometry


trigonometry question?

Kevin is riding a mini Ferris wheel. He reaches the maximum height of 9m at 5s and then reaches the minimum height of 1m at 65s. a.What is the period (the length of time to complete one cycle)?... more
Trigonometry Functions Trigonometry


Find all exact solutions on [0, 2π). (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.)

tan(x) − 2 sin(x) tan(x) = 0
Trigonometry Functions Trigonometry


If tan(x) = −2 and x is in quadrant IV, find the exact values of the expressions without solving for x.

A) sin(2x) B)cos(2x) c) tan(2x)
Trigonometry Functions Trigonometry Cosine Sine


If sin(x) = 1/8 and x is in quadrant I, find the exact values of the expressions without solving for x.

If sin(x) = 1/8 and x is in quadrant I, find the exact values of the expressions without solving for x.   a) sin(2x) b) cos(2x) c) tan(2x)
Trigonometry Functions


Trigonometry sin^3(x) + cos^3(x) * tan(x)

Let f(x) = sin3x + cos3x (tan x)   Show that f(x) = sin x   Thank you for your time!
Trigonometry Functions Trigonometry Angles Cosine


TRIGONOMETRY - functions & angles in standard position

Find the value of cos (angle) in (angle) is in standard position and the point (5,-12) is on the terminal side of (angle).  b) -5/13 c) 5/13 The correct answer is C, but I chose B. Why is the... more
Trigonometry Functions Transformations


Describe the transformations

Describe the transformations that have taken place for the graph g(x)=cosx to become the graph h(x)=-2cos(pi*x + pi/4).  
Trigonometry Functions Trigonometry Trigonometry Identities


Express cos4x as a trig function of x

Using only the double angle identities how to solve for this? im stucked after 2cos^2 (2x) -1
Trigonometry Functions Trigonometry


solutions of the equation that are in the interval [0, 2p).[cot2 ? +sqrt3cot ? = 0 ]

trig problem using the unit circle for
Trigonometry Functions



Given that  cosθ=-4/√53 and that the terminal side is in quadrant II, find the length of the third leg and  the other five trigonometric function values.
Trigonometry Functions Trigonometry Trignometric Functions


find the value of k

if tan ( Arc cos (square root of 3)/k) =(square root of 3)/3 then k is?   the square root is only on 3, in both cases, not on the 3 on the bottom or k on the bottom.
Trigonometry Functions Math Trigonometry Functions


Maths questions On Trigonometry and functions....

If 0≤α≤π and 0≤β≤π meets α+β=2/3π and sin α=2sinβ,the value of tan(α-β)=...A.1B.square root 2C.2-(square root 3)D.square root 3E.2+(square root 3)A function f(x)=4x^3-18x^2+15x-20 is maximum on... more
Trigonometry Functions Trigonometry


Determine which of the following does NOT represent an angle co terminal...

Determine which of the following does NOT represent an angle co terminal with the given angle θ= 5π/8?   a) -13π/8   b) 21π/8   c) 37π/8   d) -11π/8    
Trigonometry Functions Trigonometry Trigonometry Word Problems


The height above the surface of the water, h, in centimeters, of a certain spot on a paddle of a miniature river boat is modeled by h(t) = 5.5cos(72t) +35

where t is the time in second since the boat started moving.    A) What are the maximum and minimum height of the spot on the paddle?  B) What is the speed of the rotation?  C) How long does it... more


Determine the point(s) of intersection of f(theta) = 8sec(2theta) + 4, and g(theta) = 5sec(2theta) - 11 that lie on the interval 0 - 360 degree.

It was on my grade 11 math test, a thinking question, and our teacher never gave answers for it. I'm worried it will be a question for the exam. I'm not sure how to go about it, other than making... more

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