3 Answered Questions for the topic Algebra 1 High School Math


write down an equation in terms of a and p.

the cost of 1 apple is a cents. the cost of 1 pear is p cents. the total of 7 apples and 9 pears is 354 cents  
Algebra 1 High School Math Domain And Range Domain Range


What is the domain and range from 30x+22=y?

I need to find the domain and range for a project and I have been struggling.
Algebra 1 High School Math Distributive Property


Is there a way to write a trinomial in factored form if you know the expanded form? (Distributive Property)

I am currently in Algebra 1, and although it is annoying, we have to build rectangles made of algebra tiles and find the area as a product of its dimensions and as a sum of its parts. We are... more

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