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Proportional Problems


it cost $30 to play 15 games,how much will 3 games cost

College math.. Proportional reasoning
Proportional Problems


Hannah buys 2 1/2 pounds of dried fruit for $1.50. How much is she paying for 1 pound of fruit?

math problem fractions and proportional


whats the scale factor if these polygons are proportional?

please answer in a format like: prop, s.f.= 1:4    1. A = 2, 6, 8, 9 B = 4, 12, 16, 18   2. A = 2, 3, 6, 10 B= 6, 9, 18, 30   3. A = 7, 10, 14, 15 B = 17.5, 25, 35, 37.5   4. A = 4, 4, 5, 6... more
Proportional Problems


Red and blue balloons are in a box. how many blue balloon are there?

josh finds that 1/8 of the balloons are blue and that there are 120 more red ballooons than blue. 
Proportional Problems


rational expressions

A bus travels 180 miles in the same time that a car travels 240 miles. if the car's speed is 15 mph faster than the speed of the bus, find the speed of the car and the speed of the bus
Proportional Problems Algebra Word Problem


Carl can type 65 words per minute. How many words can he type in three hours?

This is a proportional word problem in algebra. I’m wondering if I should have 65 over 1 equals x over 180 then cros multiply. The answer is really high
Proportional Problems


rode bike for 47 miles at a constant rate. If rode his bike for 3 hours, what equation could be used to calculate how many miles he would ride after 5 hours?

How do i do this and what is the answer.
Proportional Problems


What was the original price if the sale was 30% of and the item was $11.20.

We are doing ratios, ratio rates, proportions, and those types of things.
Proportional Problems


if 24 men can make 120 baskets in three hours, how long will it take 12 men to make 180 baskets?

please i will need an equation that is applicable for questions like these
Proportional Problems


A smaller can is to have same height as the larger which is 12 cm but radius of 3 cm, by what factor will the cost of the metal decrease?

Currently orang juice company sells concentrated orange juice in metal cans with a radius of 4 and height of 12 cm. the company decides to reduce the anount of water in concentrated juice so that... more
Proportional Problems


proportional problem

At lunch there was a choice of pizza or hot dog. Three times as many students chose pizza as chose hot dogs? Altogether, 160 students got lunch. How many students got pizza and how many got a hot... more
Proportional Problems


the worlds fastest fish, a sailfish,swims at a rate of 69 miles per hour.is the distance a sailfish swims proportional to the number of hours it swims?

its based on non proportional and proporional
Proportional Problems


The total amount of water leaking from the faucet W is proportional to the number of minutes m.which equations could represent this relationship

w=8m w=12.3+m wm=24 or w=16.8/m.


Confidence Intervals

In a Harris Poll of 412 HR professionals, 85.3% said that the job applicants appearance is most important for a good impression. Construct a 94% Confidence Interval for the True population... more
Proportional Problems


A car drives 70 miles in 2 hours. How far will it have traveled in 3 hours? Explain how you would solve this problem using a proportion.

A car drives 70 miles in 2 hours. How far will it have traveled in 3 hours? Explain how you would solve this problem using a proportion.
Proportional Problems


An addition to a house increases the 275m to 300m.

By what percent was the original floor increased?    How ow will I find the percent?


Please help, thanks!

If A is directly proportional to C and B is directly proportional to C, prove that each of the following is directly proportional to C.    a) A+B b) A–B c)√AB
Proportional Problems


Interpreting graphs of proportional relationships

Great rapids white water rafting company rents rafts for $125 per hour. Explain why the point (0,0) and (1.125) are on the graph of the relationship and what these points mean in the context of the... more
Proportional Problems


Arielle sold $3735 worth of building materials. What percent of commission did she receive if she earned $672.30?

what i thought i was supposed to do was.. i did a proportion.    672.30/3735 = x/100   because since it said what percent, i thought it had something to do with a proportion. the answer I got... more
Proportional Problems Algebra 1 Ratios


recipe contains 3/4 cup of molasses. this recipe serves 8 people. if she makes the one that serves 12 people

and the ratio of molasses to people is the smae how much molasses will she need


Proportion word problem

For a fixed voltage, the current in an electrical circuit varies inversely with the resistance in the current. If a certain circuit has a current of 2.5 amps when the resistance is 150 ohms, find... more
Proportional Problems


find the measure of the corresponding leg on the smaller leg.

An ocean liner is flying two similar triangular flags on a flag pole. The altitude of the larger flag is three times the altitude of the smaller flag. If the measure of a leg on the larger flag is... more
Proportional Problems Algebra Word Problems


Algebra help?

1. The variable Z is directly proportional to X, and inversely proportional to Y. When X is 3 and Y is 19, Z has the value 0.94736842105263.What is the value of Z when X = 13, and Y = 262. The... more
Proportional Problems


solve the proportion 3/4=15/2x

how do you go about solving a problem like this?

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