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If Sue makes 12 cookies and the recipe calls for 2/5 cups of sugar and 3 cups of flour for 12 cookies. How much sugar would she need for 36 cookies

12 cookies = 2/5 cups of sugar   36 cookies = 1 1/5 cups of sugar


what is the answer to the proportion 25/60=s/12

I really need homework help on solving proportions(glencoe -pre algebra) 8th grade


3 partners inverst. 1 for $9,000, 1 for $7,000 and 1 for $4,000 Profits $4800.00 how much should each get proportionately?

Three people invest different amounts of money. The total profits are $4800.00. The first person invests $9,000, the second one invests $7,000 and the third person invests $4,000. How much less... more


384 is64% of what number

the answers  
Proportion Ratios


sir, i want to know what is the formula of ratio and proportion?

sir I want to know the formula of ratio and proportion and want to know is there any single formula or more. sir.
Proportion Math


how many cups of flour do you need for four loaves of bread

My grandma needs to make four loaves of bread and the recipe requires 2 1/2 cups of flour

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