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please tell me the method to put the parentheses at the right places


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2 Answers

You want to think about order of operations - PEMDAS.  Since you are working toward a result, I would just do guess and check. It's a tricky one! You will need nested sets...paratheses within paratheses.

Add the parentheses based on highest order of operation, then left to right.


  • 4-3*7-12/6+2 = x
  • 4-(3*7)-(12/6)+2 = x  Multiplication and division are higher order than add and subtract, but                                      the same as each other so they are left to right.
  • (((4-(3*7))-(12/6))+2) Addition and subtraction are the same order of precedence so they are                                       just done left to right.

Hope this example helps,

Steven P.