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Middle School Math Probability Of Simple Events


You spin the spinner once. What is P(factor of 48)? Write your answer as a percentage.

spiner is a four sides and the four sides are 1, 2, 3, and 4.
Middle School Math Math


What is the value of 3 to the power of 7 divided by the power of 9

Middle School Math Math Algebra Pre Algebra


The container that holds water for the football team is 1/10 full. After pouring 8 gallons of water it is 1/2 full. How many gallons can the container hold?

I need help with this word problem as soon as possible!!
Middle School Math


Emily has 3 more bracelets than Amy. If Amy has x number of bracelets, how many does Emily have

Please help me with this question my math teacher assigned me this and I have no idea what to do.
Middle School Math Math Elementary Math Maths


Arjun can answer 30 math facts in 60 seconds. How many math facts can Arjun solve in 8 seconds?

I am 7 but mum force me to go 6th grade but have learn problem
Middle School Math Math Mathematics


dividing frractioms by word problem

tommy and his two friends split 5/6 of pizza evenly. What fraction of a pizza did each person get.(Be sure to incclude tommy).A. 5/18B. 3 3/5C. 5/12D. 2 2/5
Middle School Math Math Mathematics 7th Grade Math


7th grade Math question - Test review - Please help I'm a bit stuck - Question in desc

A telephone pole casts a shadow that is 20 feet long. At the same time, a 5-foot-tall woman standing on a 1.5-foot-tall podium next to the telephone casts a shadow that is 15 feet long. How tall is... more
Middle School Math Math Algebra 1 Word Problem


Bojangles has a rectangular-shaped roof with a width of 〖6x〗^2 feet and a length 〖12x〗^3. What is the area of the roof?

I am in Algebra 1 and I really don't understand this part at all.
Middle School Math Math


This is a Math Question!! calling all brainiacs lol!!!

If you bought 5 pens for a total of $3.25, how much did it cost you for 2 pens?!!!
Middle School Math Grade 7


Math on Patterns and equations

A large pizza costs $10 plus $2 for each topping. What is the cost of 4 large pizza with 2 topping each?
Middle School Math Math Algebra


I need this so I can pass 7th grade

The graph shows the total cost t and the number of shirts n purchased at a store. Write an equation to express this relationship. What is the cost of 20 shirts?

I need to do this so I can pass 7th.

At the corner store near Billy’s house, loose mixed nuts cost $1.75 per 100 g. Write an equation to represent the amount of mixed nuts, n, he can buy if he has d dollars. Then, use your equation to... more
Middle School Math Prealgebra


what is 69998/100 in simplest form

Middle School Math


Write an equation to represent seven fewer than eight times a number is 40

Middle School Math Prealgebra


solving math equations

write the equation of a line that is parallel to y= 1/2 + 5 that passes through the point( 2,6)
Middle School Math Math


what the difference in length between a 11/4 inch button and a 3/8 button?

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Middle School Math Prealgebra


there are 2 liters in 5 bottles, how many liters in 10 bottles

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