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Samantha R.

asked • 09/13/12

im going to give and example: 7(b+3) would the answer be -8z?

I dont know if the answer would be the letter with the number or just the number.

Nancy N.

Samantha, I have no idea how you got -8z. but  to find your answer you multiply 7xb which is 7b and 7x3 which is 21 and the equation becomes 7b+21=0. Then you bring the 21 over to the zero side by subtracting it and the equation becomes 7b=-21 and then you divide 7 to get it away from the b side and the equation becomes -21/7 which gives you the answer of -3.



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Rachel M. answered • 09/14/12

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Christine M.

It is a long explanation, but very good.  The basic principle of the difference between an expression and an equation is good foundation for the student, and the note about the variable, which is not variable (!). 



Sonia A. answered • 07/27/13

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Dr Walli C. answered • 09/18/12

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