Jack N.

asked • 11/11/15

Please help me explore the following poem.

The blind spins up
snatched by the window frame.
I gaze at this blank day.
Here are the trees so very green
against the blanched sky;
no clouds, no fog
just the back of a mirror,
a pearl in shadow,
a marble sepulchre.
Beneath, grey fences stained with rain,
a pewter water-slick on the concrete drive.
You do not call or write.
Even to one trained for years
In the interpreting of its dialects,
silence is a cold and difficult language.
1) Identify and discuss the possible purpose or purposes of the poem.
Thanks so much!

Juedy T.

This poem evokes misery,loneliness ,boredom, sadness. For example character gaze out the window, describing the day as "'blank" which tells the reads that the character is miserable and/or bored in his/hers surroundings.The character also use the metaphor "silence is a cold and difficult language" to describe the sadness he/she feel in regards to not hearing from a friend.


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Juedy T. answered • 08/12/20

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