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Figurative Language English Composition Poem


Figurative language

So I have a extra practice sheet thats not for a grade about identifying figurative language. I was able to do about 3/4 of it, but I still need help identifying a few that I can’t figure out or... more
Figurative Language


The property was filled with lush greenery?

what type of figurative language is it?
Figurative Language


I am so happy i feel like i am going to explode

what is it
Figurative Language


he’ll never lend you the money because he’s such a Scrooge

what figurative term
Figurative Language


and far away on the edge of it is a small cloud sits on the tone

i need help with figurative language   
Figurative Language


they have enough ammo to take out the dairy section and enough adrenaline to jump start a whale

explain the figurative language
Figurative Language


he drew a line as straight as an arrow

what figurative language is the sentence 
Figurative Language


What type of figurative language is used here? "The couple hadn't been out alone together since their baby was born six months ago."

Please help me, this is really important.
Figurative Language


She is on the ball and ready for any situation tgat comes her way.

What figurative language example is this?
Figurative Language English


"From you lips, all heavens pour out," is what kind of figurative language?

This is for an essay and I just couldn't figure it out 
Figurative Language


What figurative language is this ?

" as you will find out, each creation's a door, and the way we approach it a key ".
Figurative Language


what type of figurtive language is used here

when the stars threw down their spears, / and waterd heaven with their tears  
Figurative Language 6th Grade English


Directions: Read each quote. Type whether it is a hyperbole or simile or personification or metaphor

Directions: Read each quote. Decide wheather it is an example of hyperboyle, simile, metaphor, or personification. Then underline (or write it to me) the words that indicated to you the tutor of... more
Figurative Language English


what figurative language can i use to covey a message of the poem excelsis

My teacher only gave part of the poem Excelsis by Amy Lowell .   You are frozen as the clouds, You are far and sweet as the high clouds. I dare reach to you, I dare touch the rim of your... more
Figurative Language English



    1.A literary device that compares two things using "like" or "as" is a (    metaphor    simile    paradox    hyperbole     Question 2   "I wandered lonely as a cloud/That floats... more

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