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Interpretation English English Algebra 1


basic interpretation question about percentages and discounts

Cassandra, during her morning trip to the market, comes across 3 different discounts on mangoes, namely:[1] Take 3 pay 2 (If you take 6 you pay 4 if you take 4 you pay 3)[2] 30% off the total... more


Does Art require an Audience?

Nietzsche consistently throughout his writings argues for a monological conception of art--art that does not seek "witnesses" or an audience. Not only did the episode with Wagner force Nietzsche to... more


Find the restricted domain written in interval notation and interpret what it means.

Environmental scientists often use cost-benefit models to estimate the cost of removing a pollutant from the environment as a function of the percentage of pollutant removed. Suppose a cost benefit... more
Interpretation Algebra 1 Population


If t is time in months, how long does it take for the hummingbird population to double?

The size of a population of hummingbirds over time can be modeled by the equation p=55(2)t/3. How can the constant 55 be interpreted? If t is time in months, how long does it take for the... more


Solve a system of equations and interpret the solutions and if they are valid. explain

The elevation of a rock dropped from the top of a building that is 300 meters tall is modeled by h=300-4.9t2, where t is the time in seconds after the rock was dropped and h is its elevation in... more

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