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I really need help with this question

The equation - 2x ^ 2 - 12x = 12 is rewritten in the form of - 2 * (x - p) ^ 2 + q = 0 . What is the value of ? Show all work that leads to your answer.

Between 2000 and​ 2005, the number of skateboarders s in the United​ States, in​ millions, can be approximated by the equation s=0.33t^2+2.27t+3.96 where t represents the number of years since 2000.

If this model is​ accurate, in what year did 9.8 million people​ skateboard? Round to the nearest whole number.

Austin's den is 10 feet longer than it is wide. If the den's area is 144 square feet, what are the dimensions of the room?

This has two answers. Complete the square to solve.

algebra 2 word problem

a rectangular picinic measures 24ft by 10 ft. you want to double the sites area by adding the same distance x to the length and the width

How do I solve 2x^2 -4x -6 =0 by complete the square method

So I got the vertex witch is (1,-8) and I put it into vertex form y=2(x-1)^2-8 but I can’t figure out how to do the rest

Use the quadratic formula to find the roots of 2x^2+7x-5=0.

Give your answers as decimal approximations to the nearest thousandth. Write the decimal approximations for both roots on the same line, separated by a comma.2x^2+7x-5=0

how do you complete the square and factor x^2-8x-8y+16+y^2?

 x^2-8x-8y+16+y^2 এর সংগে কত যোগ করলে যোগফল একটি পূর্ণবর্গ হবে

Maximum revenue

A company sells bolts for $0.95, selling approx. 10,000 bolts per month. For every $0.15 increase in price, the company will sell 500 fewer bolts. determine the price of the bolt that will maximize... more

To complete the square of x^2+bx , a number is added to the expression.Explain why the number added cannot be negative

To complete the square of x^2+bx , a number is added to the expression.Explain why the number added cannot be negative


In this question you have to complete the square, but i am confused becuase it is all letters.

Find the number to add to x^2+14x to make it a perfect square trinomial

Find the number to add to x^2+14x

Identify the x-int and the vertex of the quadratic function

f(x)=2x^2-x+1   what I did: 2x^2/2 - x/2 = -1/2 x^2 - x/2 = -1/2 x^2 - x/2 +1/16 = -1/2 +1/16 (x-1/4)^2= -7/16 Vertex: (1/4, 7/16) But when I graph it the vertex is incorrect what is the... more

Completing the square

Y2 -4y-5=0

how do i complete the square leaving it in fraction form for 2x^2+5x-1

can someone please explain this problem to me?

how to complete the square of these problems step by step

3x2+6x=2x2+40 And  x2-2x=3 And x2+10x-3=0

solve the quadratic equation by completing the square. Provide the exact and decimal approximation solution

1.)  x2-4x+1=22                                      2.) x2+16x+4=0

Solve by completing the square



solve by completing the square

Write p(x)=3x^2+4x-1 in p (x)=a(a-h)^2+k form using complete the square method

I need help on my homework. College algebra. 

How to do solving equations by completing the square?

The problem is a squared-2a-8=0 I do not know how to do this because I was absent. My teacher told me the answer, which is (4,-2), but I do not get how to solve it! Please help


Complete the square

5m^2+12m+6=0 complete the square

complete the square



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