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Hess's Law Math Chemistry


Hess's Law Question

1.255 g Mg turnings are added to 101.450 grams of hydrochloric acid solution. The temperature of the solution rises from 20.2 °C to 75.9 °C. What is the heat flow for the reaction, qrxn,... more


Help! Please! Heat Capacity of Calorimeter & Hess's Law

You used a bomb calorimeter, or constant-volume calorimeter, but misplaced the information of heat capacity of the calorimeter. If you burn 1.250 g of an organic compound, with, ΔE = -24.30kJ/g,... more

Hess's Law, enthalpy,entropy,Gibbs free energy change Problem.

For the following unbalanaced reaction at 25°CPbCO3(s)-->PbO(s)+CO2(g)Calculate the standard enthalpy change, change in H° for the reactionCcalculate the standard entropy change, change in S°... more


What is the molar enthalpy of formation for ammonia?

Hi I'm having issues relating hess's law to this question:The given chemical equation represent the combustion of ammonia and the combustion of hydrogen 1. 4NH3+3O2-->6H2O + 2N2. ( deltaH1 =... more
Hess's Law


Why carbon tetrachloride cannot be directly prepared by combining carbon and chlorine?

I am a chemistry student.keen in studies..I want to be at hand in chemistry.  
Hess's Law Chemistry Enthalpy


When methanol, CH3OH, is burned in the presence of oxygen gas, O2, a large amount of heat energy is released, as shown in the combustion reaction below.

Based on the balanced thermochemical reaction above, how much heat is produced when 23.9 g of methanol react with 37.1 g of oxygen?     Equation Given:   CH3OH(g) + 3/2O2(g) --> CO2(g) +... more
Hess's Law Heats Of Formation


calculate delta H for the reaction

When 1.045 g of CaO is added to 50 mL of water at 25 degrees Celsius in a caloriemeter, the temp of the water increases to 32.3 degrees Celsius. Assuming the specific heat of the solution is 4.18... more

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