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Which of the following are correct?

Leptin is a hormone that causes the hypothalamus to produce appetite suppressants. A patient with leptin ​resistance​ would be expected to show which of the following symptoms? ● decreased... more
Physiology Human Physiology


What is the effect on the heart rate and contraction adding a warm water solution to the heart will have and the physiological reasoning behind it?

There are many factors to consider when thinking about the effects on the heart i.e. different cell types and different types of responses.
Physiology Science Biology


How can you determine the sequence of the new DNA strand being made during replication? Are the 2 strands of the original DNA molecule replicated in the same way, or different? Why?

I have a couple of questions about DNA replication and sequencing. I am a little confused so if you explain, that would be great! Thanks!
Physiology Science Biology


Question about Digestive System

Why is it theoretically impossible to drink a gallon of whole milk in 30 minutes and not vomit? Explain in physiological terms.
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Microbiology Epidemiology

Microbiology Epidemiology Microbiology Epidemiology Microbiology Epidemiology Microbiology Epidemiology


Anterior relations of the sciatic nerve

Please I have been given a case study and there I am to find answers to some certain questions and one of this question is the anterior relations of the sciatic nerve in the Gluteal region or... more
Physiology Biology Psychology


When molecule A and molecule B are added to the cells, Inositol Triphosphate level decrease. What is molecule b?

context: when molecule A is added to the cells, increased levels of the 2nd messenger (inositol triphosphate (IP3) are detected. The receptor molecule A is binding to is Alpha 1 receptor and the... more
Physiology Science Biology


The bonding of Acetylcholine to its muscarinic receptors on smooth muscle causes gated K+ channels to close. This action is described as what?

Would it be inhibitory or excitatory and would the cell depolarize or hyper-polarize?
Physiology Biology Human Biology


During the fight and flight response, elevated levels of epinephrine and norepinephrine stimulate less sensitve alpha receptors as well as beta receptors on smooth muscle of blood vessels.

How does this impact blood flow?I believe it impacts blood flow by redirecting from the GI tract and kidneys to skeletal muscle. Can someone confirm?
Physiology Biology Chemistry


Acetylcholine is both an excitatory and inhibitory ligand depending on the location of its receptor. What does acetylcholine do that makes it "Excitatory"?

A. It opens k+ion channels when it binds to its receptorsB. It causes a cell membrane to hyperpolarizeC. It causes a cell membrane to depolarize and produce excitatory post synaptic potentials Im... more
Physiology Biology Psychology


Which of the following is responsible for facilitating rapid conduction of the wave of depolarization along an axon?

A. Unmyelinated areas of the axon.B. The rate at which the cell membrane returns to RMPC. The duration of the action potential D. The entire duration of the action potentialI chose A. Becuase the... more
Physiology Science Biology


Action potential

In order for an action potential to be produced at the axon hillock, what has to first happen?A. Sodium ion channels must be inactivated B. ESPS(Excitatory postsynaptic potential) had to have... more


In a single muscle twitch, the contraction period:

A. is from start of contraction to the end.B. is from the start of contraction to peak of contraction.C. is from the peak of contraction to the end D. is the peak of contraction
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Why do people get varicose veins

What is V-Tach?


What will happen to the carbon skeleton of the deaminated amino acid when excessive protein and calories are consumed?

A. It is metabolized by the liver to ureaB. They will be metabolized to fatc. They will be metabolized to ketones
Physiology Science Biology


Anatomy Question Capillary Exchange

For my anatomy class homework we need to:Explain capillary exchange as it refers to osmotic and hydrostatic pressure with an increase in blood pressure or a decrease in albumins. What would be the... more
Physiology Science Anatomy


Question about Blood Types

For my anatomy class, we need to know when to give a theoretical patient whole blood vs packed cells.I am wondering if, for example, a patient had Type A blood, would we give them packed cells or... more
Physiology Science Biology


Question about Anatomy and Physiology- Up and Down Receptors

Please explain up-regulation and down-regulation as it applies to receptor sites. Describe how this impacts the system long term and give an example for both up and down.


What is an antibody?

Define antibody as it is present in the blood.
Physiology Math Biology


Dosage Calculation Question for Healthcare Professionals!

1) A healthcare provider has ordered dobutamine 10 mcg/kg/min IV for your 68 YO patient who weighs 172 lb. The dobutamine is available as 1000 mg/250 mL. At what rate will you set the IV infusion... more
Physiology Biology Anatomy


Pathophysiology Question for Healthcare Professionals!

John, a 45 year-old male walks into the clinic complaining of persistent angina that started at 1:00 AM in the morning. He is notably diaphoretic but is still ambulatory and alert. He is... more
Physiology Biology Nursing


Genetics Question for TEAS/HESI/HESI A2 Preparation


Explain the two major roles of bile salts in the process of digestion.

The question wants you to know the two roles of bile salts produced by the liver.
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