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Explain the role of oxygen in the process of active transport

The question wants you to know the major role that Oxygen plays in the process of active transport and explain it fully.
Physiology Biology Nursing


What are some important features of achalasia?

Physiology Nutrition


Is it possible to lose body fat without being in a caloric deficit?

I'm not a student in the matter but have been reading a few books on sports nutrition. I've read that the most optimal zone to use fat as fuel is when the heart is operating between 60% - 70% of... more


Why high level of prolactin will cause infertility?

Please answer as detailed as possible. Thank you so much.


Why it is unlikely to become pregnant when prolactin level is high?

please answer as detailed as possible thank you.


What is the mechanism of action of Cabergoline in treating hyperprolactinemia?



Calculate the osmolarity of a 2.5% solution of calcium chloride

Physiology Biology


When we drink sea water, what would happen in urine formation and how is the change associate with ADH?

It is often be said that when we drink 1L of sea water, we would end up excrete more than 1L of fluid.However, the text book mentioned that as the plasma osmolality increase, which i believe it... more


How do immunosuppressive drugs increase the likelihood of success of a transplant, yet place a patient at a higher risk of contracting infections?

I would like to know it in a more detailed way thank you.


How is prolactin secretion regulated

This question bear 7 marks. I would like to have a detail answer of this question. Thank You
Physiology Biology


Physiology Sensory Question

If you cannot feel fine touch and vibration on both left and right legs, but temperature sensations remain normal, what of the following would be affected? Nociceptors, cold thermoreceptors,... more
Physiology Respiratory Explaining


External and Internal respiration

Explain the direction of O2 and CO2 flow seen in external and internal respiration
Physiology Anatomy


In Medical Terminology what does Phlebotomy mean?

Physiology Math Science


What are the common characteristics of this bacteria?

For my microbiology class, we are working on an unknown project where we have to find out what bacteria is given to us through a series of tests. I was assigned Staphylococcus saprophyticus as one... more
Physiology Anatomy


How many spinal nerves are in the human body?

Anatomy, Physiology, Neuroscience, Neurobiology
Physiology Nursing


Can women get rod Monochromacy colorblindness?

I'm curious if women can get Rod Monochromacy colorblindness.
Physiology Biology


Absolute refractory period Action Potential

I know that in this period a new action potential cannot occur because the membrane is still depolarizing from the preceding APalso I know that is because Na+ channels are inactivated. but aren't... more


Membrane Potential

Hyperpolarization refers to a/an ___________ (increase, decrease) in the magnitude of the membrane potential relative to the resting potential.
Physiology Biology


Axon's diameter size and their speed

I know that the Axon with largest diameter is the fastest. For the '' feeling the position of limbs in space'' this neuron and axon is used. And the axon with a very small diameter, is very slow.... more
Physiology Biology


Describe the phenomenon of Treppe, as seen in the following image

Describe the phenomenon of Treppe, as seen in the following image:Here is image. please click on it:
Physiology Biology


As one fatigues, the force exerted by the muscle decreases. What physiological processes explain the decline in strength ?

As one fatigues, the force exerted by the muscle decreases. What physiological processes explain the decline in strength?
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