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health issue in pakistan

a lot of health issue in Pakistan silent killer called hypertension, rate of hypertension increase day by day which are the root of cardiovascular disease how we control hypertension?
Physiology Anatomy


How many bones are in the human body?

Physiology Science Biology


How many midsagittal planes can divide the body?

How many midsagittal planes can divide the body?
Physiology Nursing


Dizziness after pricking a finger for blood test

If a Pearson fills dizziness after pricking a finger with needle for blood test .He is suffering from?


Biological Pathway of Lipid Hypothesis?

I've read a lot on both sides of the debate of low carb vs low fat diets trying to make some sense of what is being proposed. The lipid hypothesis runs roughly along the lines that we have lots of... more
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Define anatomy and physiology?

Anatomy is the study of body structure sPhysiology is the study of how the body structure works
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What cells or chemicals are involved in acute inflammation and immune response during infections?

When studying the physiology of the immune system and inflammation The cells involved are derived from the plasma portion of blood and the most common are neutrophils, NK cells, macrophages, T... more
Physiology Biochemistry


Does NADH inhibit gluconeogenesis?

I was told in a physiology lecture that alcohol inhibits gluconeogenesis because 'NADH produced from ethanol catabolism leads to product inhibition'.But is NADH not a reactant coenzyme of... more
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What does 20/30 eyesight mean?

I have eyesight of 7.0 in right eye and 7.5 in left eye. How much is 20/30 eyesight? Is my eyesight anywhere near 20/30?


What is the difference between meiosis in males and meiosis in females?

Meiosis in males produces sperm. The process is called spermatogenesis. A diploid spermatocyte will undergo the entire process of meiosis to produce four haploid cells. Then these cells become... more


Negative feedback

3. Think about what occurs when your body temperature decreases below its set point and apply your knowledge of negative feedback to the following scenario: Imagine you are outside on a very... more
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Anatomy and physiology

What is the connection between the liver(organ) UV radiation(sunlight) and bone tissue?
Physiology Biology Chemistry


How are fat soluble vitamins absorbed by the body?

Physiology Anatomy Medicine


Bone transplant

I know you can’t graft parts of bone and transplant bone marrow. I was wondering if someone would be able to tell me why we can’t transplant complete bones from someone who died.


What is the circulation that allows for nutrient absorption and excrete of metabolic wastes in humans?

Pulmonary veins carry oxygenated blood from lungs to heart, while pulmonary arteries carry deoxygenated/CO2 rich blood from heart to lungs. On the other hand, systemic arteries carry oxygen-rich... more


How is sebum secretion regulated?

The principle of homeostasis in biology says that living organisms try to maintain some sort of equilibrium. Doing that requires the use of feedback mechanisms to regulate things like temperature,... more


Why does the affinity of haemoglobin's for oxygen decrease at high altitudes?

My class 12 NCERT book says, Pg 226> The body compensates low oxygen availability by increasing red blood cell production, decreasing the binding affinity of haemoglobin and by increasing... more


Why do mice have a higher metabolic rate than humans?

Mice and other small animals have higher metabolic rate than humans. How does that happen on cellular level, if we look on one cell in the mouse body?What is it in this cell that will be different?... more


What is the physiological difference between cortisone and cortisol?

There is only hydrogen bond different. Cortisol is synthesized by our body, while cortisone is given to the patient. Why you cannot give cortisol directly to the patient?I think the reason is... more


What determines whether a substance can diffuse across the blood-brain-barrier?

What determines whether a chemical substance is able to cross the blood-brain-barrier via passive, transmembrane diffusion? What structurally differentiates these chemicals?


How do bile salts affect lipase activity?

**BACKGROUND**: It is well known that bile salts are needed for emulsification of fats. It is then said that this increases the surface area for activity of pancreatic lipase, implying that bile... more
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Why do the humans become sleepy after meals?

I don't know about all the mankind, but I know enough people, who becomes sleepy after their meals. Also, I'm not sure, what kind of food do they consume, but I personally get sleepy almost from... more


What triggers meiosis in gonadal cells?

What specific biochemical processes are involved in inducing meiosis rather than mitosis? Why are gonadal cells the only cells in the human body which do undergo meiosis?
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Does your metabolism slow down when you age?



What does it mean when the sacrolemma is depolarized?

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