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Does body fat percentage effect storage of fat soluble compounds?

Would a person with a higher body fat percentage store more of a fat soluble compound, or store for a longer time, than a person with a lower body fat percentage if they both consumed the same... more


Why do different pain killers have different effects on people?

I've noticed some pain killers working great for me, while others have no effect. I doubt there is much of a placebo effect at work, since most of these either did or did not work when I first took... more
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Is there a specific mechanism for the delivery of pain medication?

For example, when one takes aspirin or ibuprofen does the chemical get dispersed to all pain receptor? My question really is, how does the chemical know where to target in the body? I figure... more
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How to determine sensitivity in a dose-response curve?

In a dose-response curve the % inhibition can be plotted against concentration antagonist. In our case, the effect of the antagonist is tested in different genetic variants of a microbe.When trying... more
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Pharmacology Half Life Calculation?

I'm really stuck on this question. I'm being asked to find the half life of a drug.The Vd is 50L/kg. The clearance is 0.1 L/hr/kg. The patient weighs 70 kg. Equation is:T1/2 (halflife) = 0.693 * Vd... more
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Pharmacokinetics: why do certain drugs follow zero-order kinetics?

I understand that alcohol and phenytoin are two examples of drugs that follow zero-order kinetics. Why do these two particular drugs follow zero-order kinetics as opposed to first-order kinetics?

How to make GABA pass the blood brain barrier?

I thought of methylating GABA at the gamma amino group in order to make it pass the blood brain barrier, but would it work?The goal is to make a sedative. Like GHB or benzodiazepines (I know that... more
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How are drug metabolism and detection related?

If someone is taking treatment for a psychiatric disorder (e.g. diazepine), then would traces of the metabolized drug be detectable in their sweat or saliva?
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What is the motivation behind fluorinated pharmaceuticals?

From what little research I've done, it appears that a significant portion of modern psychoactive drugs are fluorinated in one way or another (for example, Buproprion, Fluvoxamine, or any number of... more

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