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How do i graph this parabola

Graph the parabola (do not place any dots) then fill in the blanks about the vertex, any intercepts, the domain, and range. Enter intercepts as ordered pairs, aka points.y=−x2−10x−21I know all the... more


Sketch y = x2 – 2x - 3 assuming that A and B are lying on the imaginery line, the x-axis. Find the height from which the clown begins his journey along the highwire.

A clown is riding a single wheel cycle along a highwire from point A to point B. These two points are the same height, however as the clown cycles the highwire decreases in height to a minimum... more


Find an equation of the ellipse

Find an equation of the ellipse that has vertices (4, 2) & (-2, 2) and foci (3, 2) and (-1, 2)
Parabola Equations


Question is below. Thank you.

One type of generic mouth guard is made from plastic. It is wide and long, enabling you to cut ends off so that it does not extend past your back teeth. To shape it to your mouth, you put it into... more
Parabola Math Precalculus


Write the equation of the parabola in vertex from that has the following information:

Vertex: (2, -8) Directrix: x=3


Write an equation for each parabola

(a)vertex (2,-1)focus (2,-5)(b)focus (3,5)directrix x=0


I don't even know where to start

A bridge with a supporting parabolic arch spans 60 feet with a 30-ft wide road passing underneath the bridge. In order to have a minimum clearance of 16 feet at either edge of the roadway, what is... more
Parabola Algebra 2


Find the equation in standard form of the parabola that passes through the points (2,-1) (4,-3) (1,-6)

I get to step three and it looks completely wrong. Please help.
Parabola Geometry


What is the equation of a parabola that never crosses the y-axis?

My teacher said that this might involve some calculus or something. Also I am currently taking Algebra II and Intro to Geometry.

throwing a softball

Aida threw a softball that traveled along a path described by the parabola y= -x^2 + 10x, where y = the height of the softball in feet and x = the horizontal distance in feet that the ball has... more


Using the given information write the equations of the parabolas:(3 answers a, b, c )

a)The parabola has the focus at (3, 12) and the vertex at (−2, 12).b)The parabola has the focus at (0, –5) and the directrix at x=14.c)The parabola has x-intercepts (1, 0) and (3, 0), and... more


Parabolas and Graphing functions

Let the graph of g be a translation 6 units right and 8 units up, followed by a reflection in the x-axis of the graph f(x)=x^2 - 4x. Write a rule for g.

Quadratic Functions

Use completing the square to write the following equations in vertex form. State the vertex and whether the parabola has a maximum or minimum value.1) y = x^2 - 10x + 32) y= -x^2 + 12x +23) y =... more


Quadratic Functions

For the following quadratic functions, state the transformations that have occurred to the parent function, state the vertex and whether the parabola will open up or down and sketch the curve by... more


Which equation shows the x-intercept(s) of the parabola as constants or coefficients?

Parabola D in the xy-plane has equationx2 - 2y2 - 8y - 11 = 0A) x = 2y2 + 8y + 11B) x = 2(y+2)2 + 3C) x - 3 = 2(y+2)2D) y = - {√(x - 3)/2} - 2


Which of the following equations has a graph in the xy-plane with no x-intercepts?

A) y = x2 + 3x + 4B) y = x2 - 5x - 6C) y = 3x2D) y = 2x - 5

Math help!! Algebra 1 or 2

The cross section of television antenna dish is a parabola and the receiver is located at the focus, 5 feet above the vertex. A. find an equation for the cross section of the dish.( assume the... more
Parabola Algebra 2


The vertex is (3,5),and the parabola opens upward

The vertex is (3,5), and the parabola opens upward


Find an equation of the parabola with focus at (-4,0) and with directrix x=3.

Express your answer in the form x=f(y)So, I got (y-0)^2=4(3.5)(x-(-1/2))I simplified it to be y^2=14(x+1/2) and I solved for x which gave me x=1/14y^2-1/2 still says its wrong! :((

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