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What would be the image of the given reflection...

What would be the image of the given reflection, r x=2 (1,-4)=( , )? How did you determine it? I need help on this so I can understand these kinds of problems in the future.
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Write and solve and equation to find the number of miles you must drive to have the same cost for each of the car rentals.

The first car's prices are $15 plus $0.50 per mile. The second car's prices are $25 plus 0.25 per mile.
Middle School: Math


There are 7 types of candy sold at the deli. 3 friends walk in to buy candy. If no one wants to have the same type of candy as someone else.

A. 18 B. 42 C. 210 D. 5010 How many different ways can they buy the candy?
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The school that Dan goes to is selling tickets to a play

The school that Dan goes to is selling tickets to a play. On the first day of ticket sales the school sold 6adult tickets and 16 student tickets for a total of $312. The school took in $189 on the... more
Middle School: Math Algebra 1 Algebra Algebra Word Problem


The school that Krystal goes to sold tickets to a choral performance

The school that Krystal goes to sold tickets to a choral performance. The adult ticket price was $8, and astudent ticket was $5. On the first night they made $1196 and sold 190 tickets. How many... more
Middle School: Math


Which person needs the most saline solution and how much more? (1 ounce ≈ 30 ml)

Elise needs 500 ml of saline solution for her science experiment. Mason needs 20 ounces of saline solution for his science experiment.
Middle School: Math Algebra 1 Algebra Algebra Help


What is y= -3/5x-4 standard form using integers?

I have not learned yet how to convert slope-intercept form to standard form. Any help will be appreciated.  
Middle School: Math


graph the solution set of the compound inequality: |x+1|<4 or |x+1|>=6

 Please graph on a number line.


Middle school math word problem... please help me

If Machine A makes a yo-yo every five minutes and Machine B takes ten minutes to make a yo-yo, how many hours would it take them working together to make 20yo−yos?


You and a group of 7 friends go out for pizza. One large pizza and 3 small drinks cost $21.96.

You and a group of 7 friends go out for pizza. One large pizza and 3 small drinks cost $21.96. One large pizza and 6 small drinks cost $27.93. Write an equation that models the total cost y (in... more
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what is 0.0505 repeating in decimal form?

Please help me, when I try I always get the answer of 0.0505 in decimal form, not 0.0505 repeating.
Middle School: Math Math Help


The length of a side of a rect is 6cm What should the length of the other side be so that the P of the rect is smaller than the P of a square with a side of 4cm

Help me please I have a quiz on this in 1 hour!!
Middle School: Math Math Help Factorization


Determine the prime factorization of each number | A. 30 | B. 33 | C. 52 | D. 72 | E. 65 | F. 76

I have already done the factors for each question but I am just confused and what I should circle, it has no picture and it only wants me to circle one, I just need to know which one I need to circle
Middle School: Math


The total resistance in an electrical circuit consisting of three heater elements is 12.61 ohms. The resistances of two of the heater elements are 3.9 ohms...

...and 5.04 ohms. Find the resistance of the third heater element


calculate the total cost of the membership to each fitness center if enrolled for 12 months. which is cheaper?

jamal is deciding which fitness center to join. joe's gym charges an initial membership fee of $120 for the first month, and $24 for each additional month. king gym charges an initial membership... more
Middle School: Math


june is twice as old as kurt. the sum of their age is 30. how old is june? show your work!

Need you to do this for me asap please!
Middle School: Math Math Converting Measurements


Mikhael wanted to rewrite the conversion factor "1 yard is about 0.914 meter" to create a conversion factor to convert meters to yards.

HE WROTE 1 METER IS ABOUT _______ . Tell how Mikhael should finish his conversion, and explain how you know. 
Middle School: Math Math Word Problem Gifted Students


Find the GCF of the numbers. 140,160 A. 1120. B.224. C.4. D.20

I don't know what a factor tree is. You don't have to use a factor tree since I don't know it. Please give an explanation!
Middle School: Math


karen has 1/2 cup of sugar.she is baking cookies and needs 1 1/3 cup.how much more sugar does she need for the recipe.

that's fractions in the question 
Middle School: Math Math Word Problem


At the market 2.4 pounds of carrots cost $1.68 and 1.8 pounds of broccoli cost $1.53 . How much more does 1 pound of broccoli cost than 1 pound of carrots?

(also can you please explain how you got to the answer?)


At a zoo 3 pandas eat a total of 181 1/2 pounds of bamboo shots. the female eats twice as much as baby. How many pounds does the female eat?$

 The male panda eats three times as much as the baby.
Middle School: Math


I need this in 2hrs

Design two rectangular pizzas each with an area of 36 square inches with different perimeters so that robbie sill have more crust than on the square pizza in each case calculate what the perimeter... more
Middle School: Math


I need help

lyle has three points for a triangle ,where are the locations I should put the fourth point not to make a quadrilateral at all 
Middle School: Math Math Help Boat Surface Ocean Currents


A boat traveled from Pier A to Pier B with the current in 2 hours. How far are they from the piers, if the return trip took 6 hours(current speed is 2.5mph)

I am not very good at these kinds of problems. I hope you can solve it, thanks

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