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Middle School: Math



The volume of a rectangular prism is 450 in3 and its surface area is 390 in2. The height of this figure is 21/2 times that of its length, and the width is 1/3 its height. What are the dimensions of... more
Middle School: Math


What argument might the principal at East present to the sponsors to convince then to give the award to her?

Marathon City held a walkathon to raise money for charity.Of the 500 students at East Middle School,200 participated in the walkathon. At West Middle School, 150 of the 325 students... more
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By what percent is the change in price if: Reference d the price was $40 and now is $60.

The answer is by ?%
Middle School: Math


Middle School Math: HELP

The ratio of the number of Yolanda's fish to Zachary's fish is 2:7. Zachary gives Yolanda some fish, and after he does, he has twice as many fish as Yolanda. Yolanda now has 24 fish. How many fish... more
Middle School: Math


Solve 2x-3/5 + x+3/ 4 = 4x+1/7

getting confused on this one...
Middle School: Math


How much does it cost Carol for a 29-day supply of cat food for her two cats?

rover eats 3/4 of a can of cat food each day and bobo eats 1/2 of a can each day. Cat food costs $5.00 for three cans. It is sold in 3 can packs. 
Middle School: Math


Two step equation

18-4x=-2 What does x =
Middle School: Math Math Math Help Linear Equation


You Have $110 in your lunch account and plan to spend $2.75 each school day.

A. Write and graph a linear equation that represents the balance in your lunch account. B. How many school days will it take to spend all of the money in your lunch account.
Middle School: Math Linear Equations Math Help


the equation y=2/3x represents the cost y(in dollars)for x pounds of bananas.

A.Use the graph to estimate the cost of pounds of bananas c. Use the graph to find the exact cost of 8 pounds of bananas  
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What is the probability the thrid bottles she chooses will be grape juice?

there are 3 types of juice in  the refrigerator: apple, orange, and grape. There are 4 bottles of each type of juice. Ivy is going to choose 3 bottles of juice at random.   Part A : If the first... more
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what is the probablitty the fourth photograph will be of katie?

Robert has an envelope containing 24 photographs. Six of the photographs are of Robert, and the rest are of his friend Katie. He will choose 4 photographs at random. If the first 3 are of... more
Middle School: Math Math Math Help


Determine which of the following expressions displays a linear realtionship.use multiple representations to explain your reasoning?

a. square root of x b.1/2 c. 3 + 0.5x x + 7
Middle School: Math


A word problem!!

Laura Daugereau has 24 packages of dry dog food and 18 packages of meat that she will have her handler leave at checkpoints during Race to the Sky. What is the greatest number of checkpoints that... more
Middle School: Math Equation Math Help


explain how to solve the following equation using mental math?

2x +5 = 4x=8
Middle School: Math Math Help


if a thermometer shows a reading of 59 what is the temperature in degrees celsius?

please answer my question please:)
Middle School: Math Math


justify the steps in the solution below using the properties of real numbers and of equality

12x -7 = 29 12x - 7 + 7=29 +7 12x + 0 = 36 12x = 36 12x/12 = 36 /12 1x=3 x=3

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