Asked • 03/25/19

Comprehension - what was the author trying to convey here?

Given this passage:> We are even farther removed from the unfocused newspaper reviews published in England between the turn of the 20th century and the eve of World War II, at a time when newsprint was dirt-cheap and stylish arts criticism was considered an ornament to the publications in which it appeared. In those far-off days, it was taken for granted that the critics of major papers would write in detail and at length about the events they covered.Theirs was a serious business, and even those reviewers who wore their learning lightly, like George Benard Shaw and Ernest Newman, could be trusted to know what they were about. These men believed in journalism as a calling, and were proud to be published in the daily press. "So few anthors have brains enough or literary gift enough to keep their own end up in journalism,' Newman wrote, 'that I am tempted to define 'journalism' as 'a term of contempt applied by writers who are not read to writers who are'.Question: which of the following would Shaw and Newman most probably agree on? 1. It's a writer's duty to fulfill journalistic goals 1. Writers are likely to be tempted into journalism 1. Not all writers are capable of journalistic writing.Note: This was a reading comprehension exercise but after I finished it I found myself didn't follow the answer, which is 3 (I choose 1, because the word "calling" in the material has the meaning of duty(I am not sure whether the word has that meaning)) I need some help and thanks for donating your time to read the material.

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