Elijah L.

asked • 07/05/20

Math need help please

â–³ RST has coordinates R(­-4, -3), S(0, 5), and T(7, -3).

a. Graph â–³ RST in a coordinate plane.

b. Find the perimeter of â–³ RST.

c. Find the area of â–³ RST.

d. The centroid of a triangle is the intersection of its medians. Use the following steps to find the centroid of â–³ RST using segment partition.

i. Find the midpoint of . Label it N.

ii. Find the point, C, that partitions   such that SC:CN has a ratio of 2:1 .

iii. Plot point C in your graph of â–³ RST.

1 Expert Answer


Jon S.

Coordinates of the centroid is also the average of the coordinates of the vertices: ((-4 + 0+ 7)/3, (-3 + 5 -3)/3 ) = (1, -1/3)


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