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Trying to pass the ged test,,how can i get the highest score.!


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Valerie F. | You CAN, I will helpYou CAN, I will help

I  advise working with  a tutor who is skilled and knowledgeable in the areas covered by the GED assessment.   Look for someone who has coached others in GED prep.    A tutor skilled in GED prep can  assist you in identifying areas of needed improvement and help you resolve these issues.  This will give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to attain a high score!



Cody M. | Test Prep & Academic CoachTest Prep & Academic Coach
Great answers above. Also, if you have access to practice tests, I suggest taking various versions of a practice test for each section of the GED exam. When you can consistently ace different practice tests for the Math section, for example, then it is time to take the Math portion of the exam, and so on. Work with a Tutor who can help you access online practice tests with instant scoring for time management purposes.
Bill F. | Experienced Teacher & Tutor in Round Rock, TXExperienced Teacher & Tutor in Round Roc...
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By now, either you are able to correctly answer enough questions, or you are not.  No last-minute cramming will change that significantly.  Better to concentrate and put your energy into what you can control:  staying clean and sober, being in healthy physical condition, being well-rested, eating balanced and appropriately-sized meals with few junk-food snacks and little sugar.