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Linear program

Question 1

Giapetto’s Woodcarving, Inc. manufactures two types of toys: soldiers and trains. Each soldier sold generate $4.00 in profit while each train generates $2.50 in profit. The manufacture of wooden soldiers and trains requires two types of skilled labor: carpentry and finishing. A soldier requires 3 hours of finishing labor and 2 hour of carpentry labor. A train requires 2 hour of finishing labor and 2 hour of carpentry. Each week, Giapetto can obtain all the needed raw materials but only 120 finishing hours and 80 carpentry hours. Demand for trains is unlimited, but at most 25 soldiers are bought each week. Help Giapetto to maximize his profit.

a) Formulate the linear programming model for the problem.
b) Use the Graphical method to find the optimal solution. Show all steps.
c) Use Excel Solver or Lindo to solve the model you formulated. Copy and paste your spreadsheet and the Answer report in its entirety from Excel OR your Lindo input and output.

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