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Linear Programming


Linear programming problem using maximization by means of excel solver

A car company made promotion videos of their new car model to be sent to current and new customers. Customers who receive the video will also receive a coupon for a test drive of the new model. The... more
Linear Programming Optimization Analysis


I need help solving a optimization and linear programming problem. Can someone assist me with this type of math?

 Solving a optimization and linear programming question.  Can someone help me with this type of math?   Memory Usage:Female Avatar 128KB Memory AllocatedMale Avatar uses 64 KB MemoryLocation Data... more
Linear Programming Algebra 2 Word Problem


word problem

It's a linear programming word problem.   For a given week, Greg's Coffee House has available 1728 ounces of A grade coffee and 1760 ounces of B grade coffee. These are blended into 1-pound... more
Linear Programming Objective Function


A produce grower is purchasing fertilizer containing three nutrients: A, B, and C. The minimum weekly requirements are 70 units of A, 120 of B, and 210 of C.

A produce grower is purchasing fertilizer containing three nutrients: A, B, and C. The minimum weekly requirements are 70 units of A, 120 of B, and 210 of C. There are two popular blends of... more
Linear Programming



A manufacturer produces two types of grills: Old Smokey and Blaze Away. During production, the grills require the use of two machines, A and B. The number of hours needed on both machines are... more
Linear Programming


Minimize the function Z = x + y

Minimize the function Z = x + y,Subject to:x + 3y less than/equal to 153x + 2y less than/equal to 17x – 5y greater than/equal to 0x, y less than/equal to 0
Linear Programming


linear programming

An undergraduate is determining her course schedule for the fall semester. She is considering five courses, which are shown in the following table. Also included are the number of hours she expects... more
Linear Programming


Melanie King is the manager for the Learning Loft Day Care Center. The center offers all day service for the preschool children for $18 per day and after...

School only service for $6 per day. Fire codes permit only 50 people in the building at one time. State law dictates that a child care worker can be responsible for a maximum of 3 preschool... more
Linear Programming


The paper company can produce up to 200 units of paper a day, and regular customers require 10 units of notebook paper and 80 units of newsprint per day.

If the profit on a unit of notebook paper is $500 and the profit on a unit of newsprint is $350, how much of each should the plant produce?
Linear Programming Statistics



A grocery store has four check-out counters. The average service rate for each check-out counter is 22 customers per hour. The average arrival rate is 82 customers per hour. Assuming it is a... more
Linear Programming


linear programming

A farmer owns 500 acres of farmland in North Carolina on which he grows wheat, corn and tobacco. Each acre of wheat costs $100, each acre of corn costs $125 and each acre of tobacco costs $200 to... more
Linear Programming


decision variable, objective function, constraint

The Charm City Company has three plants to produce HDTVs. These plants ship HDTVs to four markets. The following table summarizes the shipping costs (in dollars) from a plant to a market, the... more
Linear Programming


decision variable, objective function, constraints

An advertising campaign for a new product will be conducted in Baltimore area and can use TV, radio, magazines, and internet advertisements. Information about each medium is shown below. Medium  ... more
Linear Programming


Decision variables, objective function, and constraints.

A brokerage firm has just been instructed by one of its clients to invest $350,000 of her money. The analysts at the brokerage firm are considering the following options for investment:            ... more
Linear Programming


I need help finding optimal value, solution, slack/surplus.

Maximize 40X + 50Y + 80Z Total ProfitSubject to X + Y + Z > 1000 Total quantity required X + 3 Y + 2 Z ≤ 3000 Resource 1 2X + Y + 2Z ≤ 2500 Resource 2 And X, Y, Z ≥ 0Where X, Y, and Z... more
Linear Programming


(a) Formulate a linear programming problem to minimize total cost for this transportation problem.(b) Solve the linear programming formulation from part (a) by

                              Nashville     Miami         Charleston        Supply __________________________________________________________________ Tucson                        900         1200... more
Linear Programming


based on programing

 A factory operates on two types of machines Machine AMachine BMaximum availableFloor space2318Number of operators needed4324There are more machines of type B than those of type A. Taking the... more
Linear Programming


What would be the minimum and maximum values obtained for the objective function for:z=3x-6y, (3,2), (4,8), (8,3),(10,0)

graphing the constraint equations obtaining the shaded area bordered by the points
Linear Programming


A manufacture is tomarket a new fertilizer which is to be amixture of ingredients A and B.The properties of the two ingredients are as:

ingredients A; bone meal 20%,nitrogen 30%,lime 40%,phosphate 10%,cost per kg is 12.Ingredients B;,bone meal 40%,nitrogen 10%,lime 50%,phosphate 50%,cost per kg is 8.It has been decided that the... more
Linear Programming


How much of each fuel should be product in order to maximize profit?

A chemical company make two different fuel , Y each of which is different mixture of three chemicals A; B; and C, the amounts of A,B, and C available are: A: 100tonnes B: 400tonnes C:... more
Linear Programming


I need the extreme points of 30t+20c

I need to graph using Linear Programming and I cant figure out how my teacher got T =0 so C =15?

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