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Honors Algebra 2


What is the value of f(5) if f(1)=3 and f(x)=3-2f(x-1)?

What is the value of f(5) if f(1)=3 and f(x)=3-2f(x-1)?Please show the steps for this recursive function. I appreciate it.
Honors Algebra 2


What is ALL of the restrictions on the variable for the expression?

Honors Algebra 2


What are ALL of the restrictions on the variable for the expression?

Honors Algebra 2


I did everything else, I just need the rest of part 3

Part Two: Representation of Data with Plots Using graphing software of your choice, create a scatter plot of your data. Predict the line of best fit, and sketch it on your graph. Copy and paste... more
Honors Algebra 2 Complex Expression


how to simplify (6/x-3)-(8/x+4) and find the restrictions

What is the simplified form of (6/x-3)-(8/x+4) and what are the restrictions?
Honors Algebra 2 Math Algebra 2 Imaginary Numbers


Imaginary numbers

Find the values of x and y that satisfy the equation 14x - 64i = 42 + yi
Honors Algebra 2 Exponents Functions Alegbra 2


When substituting a variable in a term with an exponent, how do I write and solve it?

IE: -2x^2 Do I do: -2(x)^2, -2(x^2) or (-2x)^2 I say this because of a problem I have that says "h(x)=-4x^2 -2x+5"
Honors Algebra 2


This is a challenge problem in my Honors Algebra II class. I need to understand how to configure this problem so that I can solve it with ease.

Two people are on a 1-mile long track. One is walking clockwise at 3 mph, and the other is running at 8 mph counter clockwise. If they are together when they start in how many minutes will they meet?
Honors Algebra 2


how long will it take for $500 to double if it is invested at 5.5% annual interest, compounded continously

how to solve out the equation to get the answer using a=p(1+r/n)^n*t

Linear programming, Algebra 2 Honors

a doctor allots 15 minutes for routine office visit and 45 minutes for for physicals. The doctor cannot do more than 10 physicals per day. The doctor has nine available hours for appointments each... more
Honors Algebra 2 Algebra Honors


I have to write an equation in slope intercept form for the line described which is slope 4, passes through (6,9)

I have to write an equation in slope intercept form for the line described which is slope 4, passes through (6,9)
Honors Algebra 2


I need help solving a word problem

The schools that Trevon goes to is selling tickets to the annual talent show. On the first day of ticket sales the school sold 4 senior citizen tickets and 13 child tickets for a total of $115. The... more


Algebra 2 Help

Link : http://imgur.com/a/y1djdIf you could please do the 3 parts to the question I would very much appreciate it since they are all one single question. Thanks in advanced!
Honors Algebra 2


$1500 is put into an account earning 7% annual interest, compounded continuously.

1. Write an equation to model the situation  2. How much money will be in the account after 4 years? 3. How will will it be until there is $5000 in the account?
Honors Algebra 2


A radioactive isotope has a half-life of 15 years, and a lab has a 100g sample.

1. Write an Equation to model the situation  2. Determine how long it will take for the sample to be reduced to 2 grams
Honors Algebra 2


The population of a certain animal species decreases at a rate of 3.5% every two years. Scientist have counted 80 of the animals in the study population.

1. Write an exponential function to model the situation.  2.Determine about how many animals will be in the population after 20 years
Honors Algebra 2


In 1992, about 17 million americans used cell phones. Over the next few years, usage increased about 26% each year.

1.Write an exponential function to model situation  2.Determine how many million Americans used cell phones in 1997
Honors Algebra 2


the transformations of the quadratic parent function: f(x)=-3(2x-4)^2-5

i need the transformations or like the effects on the graph

Word problem

The maximum distance (d) 696 can see from the top of a building with height (h) is approximated by the form D=ksqrt(h). Apartment buildings A and B are 9 and 16 stories high, respectively. if these... more
Honors Algebra 2 Algebra 2 Inverse Equivalent


inverse function

Give two different examples of functions that are equivalent to their inverses. show how you know 


Rationalize the denominator

Rationalize the denominator and simplify if necessary. keep as a simple fraction sqrt49r+3/6-8sqrtr


MathHelp please!

When looking at a rational function, Bella and Edward have two different thoughts. Bella says that the function is defined at x = −1, x = 2, and x = 4. Edward says that the function is undefined at... more
Honors Algebra 2


A boat travels 35 km upstream and then back again in 4 hrs. 48 mins. If the speed of the ship in still water is 15 km/hrs., what is the water speed?

Think it has something to do with rt=D or something like that.

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