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Linear Programming Constraints


What is the upper and lower bounds of these two LP equation constraints and what is the solution? 1. 3X1 + 2X2 =< 240 and 2. 2X1 + X2 =< 140

The objective function is to Maximize = 25X1 + 15X2
Linear Programming Constraints


Graph the system of constraints

x<5 y<4 x>0, y>0  
Linear Programming Constraints Algebra 2 Advanced Algebra Advanced Math


What is the maximum value of the objective function under the given constraints?

{x>=1{y>=2                 objective function C=x+5y {2x+2y<=10 11 13 21 29   The vertic of a fesabile region are (4,2)(10,2)and (10,14) The objective function is P=4x+y What is... more
Linear Programming Constraints


need help solving step by step

Acme Business Company has two skill levels of production workers. A level I worker is paid $10.60 an hour and produces 15 items per hour. The level II worker is paid $14.25 per hour and produces 22... more
Linear Programming Constraints Graphing Inequalities


Can you list all constraints?

A craftswoman produces two products: floor lamps and table lamps. Production of one floor lamp requires 75 minutes of her labor and materials that cost $25. Production of one table lamp requires 50... more
Linear Programming Constraints


A summer camp wants to hire counselors and aides to fill it staffing needs at minimum cost. the average monthly salary of a counselor

A summer camp wants to hire counselors and aides to fill it staffing needs at minimum cost. the average monthly salary of a counselor is $2400 and the average salary of an aids is $1100.The camp... more
Linear Programming Constraints


How can I find constraints in a linear programming word problem?

A toy manufacturer makes wooden blocks and horses.  The production process involves twobasic types of labor: carpentry and design. A block requires 2 hours of carpentry and 1 hour of design, and a... more
Linear Programming Constraints Profit Objective Function System


Profit function, Objective Function, Constraints?

A store owner stocks two types of dishwashers and has warehouse space for at most 36 units. The owner keeps at least twice as many of model A as model B. If the profit on model A is $24 and the... more
Linear Programming Constraints Algebra 1 Word Problem


What are the constraints of this word problem?

Can you score exactly 44 points with five darts or less if they all land on a board with the middle being 19 and the outside being 8?
Linear Programming Constraints


please help me?

Otto used 6 cups of whole wheat flour and x cups of white flour in the recipe. What is the equation that can be used to find the value of y, the total amount of flour that Otto used in the recipe,... more
Linear Programming Constraints


How do you decipher what the constraints are in a linear programming problem?

Prince Co. manufactures and sells 2 kinds of tennis racquets, Flexo and Velocity.  While both racquets sell for $200 the contribution margin is $60 for Flexo and $50 for Velocity.  Flexo requires 4... more

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