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Math Homework Help

A new restaurant is to contain six​-seat booths booths and five​-seat round tables. Fire codes limit the restaurants maximum occupancy to 109 customers. If the owners have hired enough servers to... more


Rory has 18 granola bars and 12 apples to package for snack bags. He wants each bag to contain the same number of granola bars and the same number of apples.

What is the maximum number of bags he can make?How many granola bars and how many apples will each bag contain?
Homeschool English Grammar Reading


Can you please correct my sentence?

As discussed with you on Email, we have configured system on theCloud and it is reachable now.Kindly let us know once the system: X is ready for the for the configurationso that we can perform the... more


What are some challenges that parents who are homeschooling their children face?

There is an administrative part of homeschooling that has to be addressed. Most parents handle this themselves. However this can prove challenging for some. There are some aspects of a... more


School Question?

Four buses were filled with children and 20 children rode in cars for a field trip. If each bus can hold 58 children, how many went on the field trip? 


Question statistics

If your score on your next statistics test is converted to a z score, which is these z score would you prefer. -2.00, -1.00, 0, 1.00, 2.00? Why


Will I be able to keep up with my classmates although I'm learning at home?

Yes! Although you are not in a classroom setting, I would be more than happy to work with the teachers at your school to make sure that we provide the best lesson experience for you! I would be... more
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help needed with math

A medical equipment industry manufactures X-ray machines. The unit cost c(the cost in dollars to make each X-ray machine) depends on the number of machines made. If x machines are made, then the... more


math helped needed please

A ball is thrown vertically upward. After t seconds, its height h (in feet) is given by the function h(t)=72t-16t^2. What is the maximum height that the ball will reach? Do not round your answer


is there any urls for rabbit fur close up that don't Say there rabbits fur

so I have the project at school and I want a image of a close up of rabbit's fur but its a mystery. so people have to try and figure out what animal it is. my teachers say I have to put the URL of... more


What is going to happen?

I’m in 10th grade and I completed first semester of my grade and then started having some personal issues to where I got transferred to full time virtual school for second semester. When I was... more
Homeschool Chemistry


When graphing reaction rate over time, the slope of the graph describes the ___.

CatalystActivation energyLe Chatelier’s PrincipleInstantaneous rate
Homeschool Chemistry


What “rate of change” does a chemical reaction rate describe?

Change in pressureChange in volumeChange in molesChange in concentration
Homeschool Chemistry


A catalyst works by ____.

a) Reducing the activation energyb) Increasing the kinetic energy of the moleculesc) Providing a larger surface aread) None of the choicese) increasing the activation energy
Homeschool Chemistry


chem helppppppppp

What are the units of the rate constant for a first order reaction?


Book of explorations of literature

In the book exploration of literature uses and abuses of the umbrella most clearly informs the reader that the author is using humorous tine by what


Only 8 of 438 people answered „Spanish“ when asked „What is your favorite cuisine?“. Why do you think Spanish food is not said as one of the most favorite foods?

Only 8 of 438 people answered „Spanish“ when asked „What is your favorite cuisine?“.Why do you think Spanish food is not one of the most favorites?I’m trying to make some „hypothesis“ or theories... more
Homeschool Statistics


A child's toy train collection (statistics question)

A child's toy train collection contains 5 engines, 5 red cars, 7 blue cars, and 2 cabooses. What is the probability of randomly selecting pieces to make a three part train of engine, car, caboose?I... more
Homeschool Math Geometry


Can you form a triangle with side lengths 3, 6, 10? Explain.

Can you form a triangle with side lengths 3, 6, 10? Explain. No. The two short sides do not have a sum greater than the longest side. Yes. The two short sides have a sum greater than the longest... more
Homeschool English


If any of the following sentences contain fragments, identify and choose the best correction for the fragment.

Stacy was trying to find Brother Jack. Whose house was right around the corner. She went everywhere looking for him.  Stacy was trying to find Brother Jack. Whose house was right around the... more
Homeschool Algebra Maths


Algebra exercise

A farmer plants 70 acres with two types of beans: green and red. Each acre of green bean fills out 27 bushels and each acre of red bean fills out 36 bushels. If the farmer fills out the double... more
Homeschool Math Geometry


Match the transformation with the correct representation.

g(x)=f(x)+n g(x)=f(x+n)g(x)=f(x)-ng(x)=f(x-n) A vertical shift of f, n units down A horizontal shift of f, n units left A horizontal shift of f, n units rightA... more

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