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The points (3, 7) and (2, 4) fall on a particular line. What is its equation in slope-intercept form?

slope intersect form: y=mx+b     I'm honestly so confused on how to solve this so if someone could suggest or show me the step by step process on solving this equation that would be great. Thank... more
Confusion English Homeschool


What are the responsiblilites of power?

I have this question for my English. I sorta understand it but I need some help with it. Can you explain to me what responsibilities come with power??
Confusion Elementary Algebra


I need help and better understanding of this math problem.

The width of a brick is half the length, and the length is 2 inches less than four times the height. If the sum of the three dimensions is 21.5 inches, find the volume of the brick. Simplify your... more
Confusion Elementary Algebra


I need help with a problem I can't seem to get. I've tried over and over again.

I've tried this problem over and over again and have gotten it wrong. Please help me !   Question: The width of a brick is half the length, and the length is 1 inch less than four times the... more


How can i get an outcome of a percent by a whole number?

John and his sister went out for lunch at trey's pasta. Their meal cost $25 and they left a 12% tip. What was the total cost of the meal including the tip?       HOW DO I WORK THIS... more


slope=3 : (-1, 4) (how do you put it in standard form)

 how can i put it in standard form if its not an equation


How to set up

In one week, it rained821in. If a garden needs67in. of water per week, how much more water does it need?
Confusion Math Word Problem


I can't seem to solve this problem. Can someone please help me and show me how to solve this!? IM SO LOST :c

I can't seem to figure out this problem. Can someone please help me and show me how to solve this!? IM SO LOST show me how to solve this!? IM SO LOSTStarting with the parent function f(x)=x2,... more


Part of $9000 was invested at 10% interest and the rest at 12%. If the annual income from these investments was $1020 how much was invested at each rate?

I must use 2 variables and 2 equations.  Im lost on the setup.


How do I completely solve f(a)+f(2a)=18a+10 ?

I'm confused on the simplifying f(a)+f(2a).I could really use your help!!


If the average stride of a horse walking is 2 3/4 feet and that of a man is 2 1/2 feet

, how many man strides would be equal to 40 horse strides?

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