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How to balance the following redox reaction using half-reaction method

How to balance the following redox reaction using half-reaction method under basic conditionsSn(OH)42- + MnO4- ---> MnO2 + Sn(OH)62-thank u for taking the time to help me with this question


solve for x, 3^2root4 - 4(3^2rootx) = -3


solve for x, 1/5-logx + 2/1+logx = 1

Grade 12 Chemistry (Energy)

when 0.0200 mol of solid calcium oxide is dissolved in sufficient water 650 J of energy is released.How much energy would be released if 3g of the solid was dissolved?


I need help with 2 calc-related-questions.

Determine the value of k such that u and v are orthogonal. u = [2, k, -1] and v = [3, -2, 7] Determine the value(s) of k such that (2k, 3, k+1) x (k-1, k, 1 = (1, -2, 2) The x stands as a tip to... more


Why Aluminum Steel and Foil are susceptible to corrosion? And why it is important to protect these products from corrosion?

Environmental Impacts of Corrosion PreventionIs there any any negative environmental impact created by the corrosion protection techniques used for these two products?


When 3x^2 + 10x - 3 is divided by x+k, the remainder is 5. What is k?

It is polynomial functions. PLEASE HELP!!! ASAP!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU.

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