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Heat Transfer Chemistry Thermodynamics


Why in industries liquid CO2 is stored around the temperature -25°C to -15°C?

By the PV diagram of CO2, the liquid CO2 can be present from -56.4°C to 31.1°C and 5.1 atm to 73.8atm pressure.Why do almost all industries store the liquid CO2 around the temperature -25°C to... more


Please show me or write me the code on how to draw a plot in Matlab for the temperature radius plot for the steady state heat transfer in maltilayer cylinder.(Conduction and Convection heat... more
Heat Transfer Mechanical Engineering


Calculate Steady-State Temperature

A 0.2 m thick plane wall has its temperature on one side maintained at 50oC and has a thermal conductivity of 15 W/m*k. The other side is exposed to air at 30oC with a convection coefficient of 7... more


Integrating an ODE

ODE: x(dt/dx)=C, where 𝐶 is constant, in the domain 𝑥1 ≤ 𝑥 ≤ 𝑥2, subject to boundary conditions: 𝑇(𝑥1 ) = 𝑇1 and 𝑇(𝑥2 ) = 𝑇2. Find the dimensionless temperature distribution 𝑇(𝑥)−𝑇1 𝑇2−𝑇1 . Looking... more
Heat Transfer Calculus


Integrating something that already has a dx in it

What would integrating both sides of x*(dT/dx)=C in terms of x look like?I keep getting that T(x)=C, but i don't think that's right. boundary conditions: 𝑇(𝑥1 ) = 𝑇1 and 𝑇(𝑥2 ) = 𝑇2 Thank you
Heat Transfer Algebra 2 Mathematics


I need help to solve for T. Not sure how 90 = 0.5454(T - 303) + [(1.6(10^-9))(T^4 - (303^4))]

90 = 0.5454(T - 303) + [(1.6(10^-9))(T^4 - (303^4))]I need to solve for T but dont know how to with the whole T^4


What is conduction or diffusion?


What is a thermocouple?


What is a thermoelectric cooler?


What causes heat transfer?


What is advection?


What are the types of heat transfer?


What is convection?


What type of heat transfer is a microwave?


What is thermal radiation?


What type of heat transfer is boiling water?


What is the Rayleigh number?


What type of heat transfer is baking?


What is a heat engine?


Calculating Enthalpy in a Calorimeter Experiment

When 25.0 mL of 1.0 M H2SO4 is added to 50.0mL of 1.0M of NaOH at 25.0 degrees C in a calorimeter, the temperature of the aqueous solution increases to 33.9 degrees C. Assuming that the specific... more
Heat Transfer Science Biology Physics


Really need clarification for this.

in a thermal pot, there is a layer of vacuum in the outer wall, an inner pot lid and an outer pot lid.    Please help me to clarify these questions:     1. Does hot food radiate heat? Or does... more
Heat Transfer Mechanical Engineering


I am having a doubt in heat transfer (mechanical engineering).

I am working in an fmcg company where 'Thermic fluid lines' are used for drying chilly coriander garlic and cumin. The output of the thermic fluid is 6 lakh Kcal/hour. The load of thermic fluid... more
Heat Transfer Physics Mass Degrees


Heat transfer between metal and water, what amount of water is boiled?

You place a very hot piece of aluminum (T=120 degrees C, c=900 J/(kg*degrees C) into a 500ml beaker of water that is already at an initial temperature of 90.0 degrees C. The mass of this piece of... more
Heat Transfer Physics


Heat Transfer

Suppose a lake has a layer of ice 12 cm thick on its surface. The top of the ice layer is cooled by the atmosphere to -5.45° C. The lower surface is in contact with water at 0.0° C. The thermal... more

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