Asked • 04/12/19

GRE quant question (hard)?

"I got this question from the GRE book. Central state college has three sections of Math 102. If four students, Bill, Jill, Phill, and Will decide to transfer from Math 101 into Math 102, in how many ways can the four students be assigned to the three sections, if each section must receive at least on new student? A)12 B)18 C)24 D)27 E)36 I don't know how to solve this question, and I don't have a solution. Could you help me do this? Thank you in advance. "

Jill M.

This is known as a permutation. Ways for position one to happen (since there are four people,4), times ways for position two to happen (since now there are only three people left,3), times ways for position three to happen (since now there are only two people left,2). Solve 4 x 3 x 2.


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