Asked • 04/12/19

Ultimate GRE Prep?

I'm planning on taking the math [GRE Subject Exam]( in April (~11 months from today). I want to start preparing now in the hopes of scoring in the 95+ percentile. I have already taken a number of graduate courses and really need to refresh on some of the lower level stuff so here's my plan: May 14 - Stein & Shakarchi, Complex Analysis [for REU] Jun 14 - Need to read through papers for REU. I'll probably read another complex analysis text. Jul 14 - Axler, Linear Algebra Done Right (Ch 1-5) Aug 14 - Axler, Linear Algebra Done Right (Ch 6-10); Lang, Calculus of Several Variables Sep 14 - Spivak, Calculus (Ch 9-15) Oct 14 - Spivak, Calculus (Ch 17-23) Nov 14 - Munkres, Analysis on Manifolds (Ch 1-3) Dec 14 - Munkres, Analysis on Manifolds (Ch 4-7); Apostol, Mathematical Analysis; Insel, Linear Algebra Jan 15 - Stewart, Calculus; UCLA Bootcamp Feb 15 - Artin, Algebra; Stewart, Calculus [agian] Mar 15 - Saracino, Algebra; Schaums: Calculus, ODEs, Lin Alg, Complex, Discrete, Prob & Stats Apl 15 - Princeton Review, Cracking the GRE; Practice Exams; Stewart, Calculus [for the third time]; Fritz, Calculus and Advanced Calculus Demystified. --- I have never taken a course in multivariable calculus or multivariable analysis (but I have picked some up in complex analysis and measure theory courses). As I have heard it is very important for the exam, I've put a good bit of emphasis on it. I have a particularly strong background in number theory and combinatorics. Also, during the semester of the exam, I will be taking a course in Algebra using Lang's Algebra and an intro topology course using Munkres along side an algebraic topology course using Massey's Algebraic Topology. As such, I probably don't need to study as hard for these subjects. During my preparation, I hope to do every problem in each book with only few exceptions. By the end of this preparation, I hope to know all the topics on the exam like the back of my hand. - **Does this seem reasonable?** - **What modifications would you make?** - **Am I focusing my time on the appropriate subjects?*

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