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What is the real role of the queen in UK in these days?

What is the role in the government or social of this Queen in UK in these days?

Is it possible for an established democratic country to directly switch to a monarchy?

Say, a country has well-established democratic doctrines and principles. Is it **practically** possible for that country to directly switch to a monarchy? By practical, I mean the country must last... more

What is the role and responsiblity of the king in Spain in the Spanish government?

What is the role of the king, socially or politically, in Spain? Recently Spain's monarch abdicated his throne for his son. [See... more


Have there been any efforts by the countries of Europe to restore their monarchies?

Have there been any effort, polls, referendum in Europe (especially Eastern ex-communist countries) to restore deposed monarchies, like in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, etc.? Most Monarchies were... more


Why couldn't bastards inherit titles?

Why were bastards historically not able to inherit nobility or monarchy from their parents? What about being a bastard made one unfit to rule? For example William IV of the UK was succeeded by his... more

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