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Geometry Honors Geometry


Supplementary and Complementary Angles

The measure of the supplement of an angle is five times the measure of its complement. The measure of the angle is ____, the measure of its complement is _____, and the measure of its supplement is... more
Geometry Honors Geometry


3 1/3x-2=-4(x+7) - Geometry Honors

Can someone help me solve this equation: 3 1/3x - 2 = -4(x+7)
Geometry Honors Geometry


Geometry I NEED Help

Write the equation of the tangent line to the circle ( x - 2 )2 + ( y + 3 )2 = 25 at ( 6,0 )

What would be the image of the given reflection...

What would be the image of the given reflection, r x=2 (1,-4)=( , )? How did you determine it? I need help on this so I can understand these kinds of problems in the future.
Geometry Honors


find the difference between the points (5, -6) and (4, -5)

I do not understand how to find the difference between the 2 points 


How many revolutions does the hoop make in one minute?

Ursula and her friends are playing hoop rolling. Ursula rolls a large hoop on the ground. The hoop rotates through an angle of 3/2π radians in 1 second.
Geometry Honors Geometry Polygons


Finding octagon area, apothem, and lengths.

ABCDEFGH is a regular octagon with a side length of 8. Diagonals AE and CG meet at X. Point M is the midpoint of AB   What is the area?   Find XM, the apothem of the octagon.   Find XC.

Geometry help, please!

Solve the following equations given that 0° ≤ θ < 360°:   2 cos 3θ = 1    
Geometry Honors Math Geometry Equation


What transformation is represented by the rule (x, y)→(x, y+3)

What transformation is represented by the rule (x, y)→(x, y+3) ?translation 3 units downtranslation 3 units lefttranslation 3 units righttranslation 3 units up
Geometry Honors


Can you give me the steps for this problem so I can learn and help my child

find the measure of each, given the following information m<POS = 4x, x<SQRT= 2x, m<RQP =24, Find X= Find m<SQR= Find m<PQS=   2 opened angles laying next to each other, joined... more


Geometry Homework Help

Image Link : http://imgur.com/a/WKrkH Questions: (1) What is the length of RS in circle O?(2) What is the value of r to the nearest tenth? Thank in advanced!


Geometry Question PLEASE HELP and Thank you!!!

In the diagram below, a || b. For lines p and q to be parallel, what is m<4? Explain.    Diagram Link : http://imgur.com/a/XimLc
Geometry Honors Geometry


A regular decagon has a radius of 14'. Determine the perimeter of the decagon.

This is the properties of N-GON

For circle E, with point l lying on the circle, determine the circumference if RL=34 units

This is Geometry, circumference of a circle 
Geometry Honors Geometry Proofs Geometric Proofs


Given: AL = SK ; Prove: AS = LK

Could you prove and explain how you did it/ what properties you used.     A____L_________S____K    <---- Line Segment


Geometry Problem: Find distance between parallel lines

Find distance between y = -2x + 3 and y = -2x - 3 (Hint: use (0,3)
Geometry Honors


A circle with center C(4,-2) contains the point D(8,1). What is the equation of the line perpendicular to the radius of the circle passing through point C

It has to be an equation that the line is perpendicular


What would the rectangles look like?

What does it look like to draw four 4 different rectangles, all of which have a perimeter of 8 inches. At least 2 of your rectangles should have side lengths that are not whole numbers. (in inches)... more

Approximately what is the area of the county?

You have a map on which 1 inch represents 2.5 miles. You cover a county on the map with a 1/8 inch thick layer of molding dough. Then you re-form this piece of modeling dough into a 1/8 inch thick... more

Can will be in one location or not?

Smallville is 7 miles south of Gotham. Will is 8 miles from Gotham and 6 miles from Smallville. Draw a map showing where Will could be. Be sure to show a scale for your map. Explain why you draw... more


triangle inscribed and circumscribed about the same circle radius of circle is 12. Find the area of the circle by taking the average of the triangles

We are doing lower and upper approximations in geometry which is why you cannot use pi r^2. Please reply ASAP. Thanks.

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