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How do you write Statements and Reasons with AA, SSS, and SAS?

I don't understand how to write it in order and the format. My teacher said to write it in T-chart formation and I know what a T-chart is, but I don't understand how to put the given, prove,... more
Geometry Honors Geometry Proofs


given line AB is congruent to line AE, line BC is congruent to line ED

 This is a proof. I need at least 3 steps please  
Geometry Honors Geometry Geometric Proofs


Prove || lines › Alt Ext angles congruence

please HELP! THis is due tommorow!!
Geometry Honors Midpoint/distance


what are the coordinates of the midpoint of line HX, H(4 1/2,-3 3/4), X(2 3/4, -1 3/4)

 I need help finding the coordinates of the midpoint of HXas an ordered pair 
Geometry Honors


An engineer is designing a department store. The store is to have one escalator going up to the second floor and one escalator going down to the first floor.

Each escalater is supposed to be equidistant from four of the six entrances. Where should the escalators be placed? How far apart should they be placed?


Show conjecture is false by finding counterexample.

The absolute value of -x=x. 
Geometry Honors


how do you find the volume of a helix

If a tube is wraped around a rod how can you find the maximum capacity of tube? All that I have been able to find is the volume of a cylinder
Geometry Honors


In which type of triangle does the orthocenter of the triangle fall outside the triangle?

i need help  
Geometry Honors Geometry Triangle Area


Isosceles triangle folded question?

When an isosceles triangle is folded so that its vertex is on the midpoint of the base, a trapezoid with an area of 12 square units is formed.Find the area of the original triangle.
Geometry Honors Math Geometry Equations


Write an equation of a line parallel to y = x -5 in slope-intercept form that passes through the point (-6, -1).

y= x + 3 y= x − 6 y= −3x − 1 y= 3x + 6
Geometry Honors


Read below for question too long to fit in box

this is for my geometry problem set I'm really having trouble and would appreciate the help. Thank you. Also if you could answer problems with picture I could use that also   chip said to dale,... more
Geometry Honors


geometry help pls

Points (6, 9) and (-4, -6) form a line. This line is parallel to a second line containing the point (-3, 2). Which of the following points would fall on this line to make the two lines parallel? A:... more
Geometry Honors


what is the x,y algebra answer for x+y=3 x-y=5

i need to find this answer out of my geometry class. it is being graded and i have no idea how to do it

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