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The farmer put in a rectangular fence that has a perimeter greater than the sum of twice the shortest side and 6. The rectangle created has a long side with a length of 15 meters. Describe the... more
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a snack machine with 10 buttons is stocked with 20 different types of snacks.

It is for my algebra 1 homework
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Geometry Homework Help

Image Link : http://imgur.com/a/WKrkH Questions: (1) What is the length of RS in circle O?(2) What is the value of r to the nearest tenth? Thank in advanced!
Please Answer ( Urgent ) Geometry Algebra Math Help


Geometry Help for Unit Review

(1) A tower has an observation deck about 330 m above ground level. About how far is it from the observation deck to the horizon knowing that the Earth's radius is 6400 km?   (2) What is the... more
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Tell which equation you would choose to solve for one of the variables...

1.) 3x-2y=19 or x+y=8   2.)3x+5y=25 or x-2y=-6

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