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Exponential Function Math Graph Function


why is the graph of y = -2^x downwards?? how is that possible?

i was studying exponential functions and im very confused...
Exponential Function Algebra 2 Rates


Exponential Function models annual rate of increase.

The exponential function models the annual rate of increase. Find the monthly and quarterly rates. f(t)=2000(1.03)^t
Exponential Function Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2


How do I find rate of change of the following(k)? and is this how you find y-intercept of exponential functions??

f(x)=7^x and is the y-intercept 1 since x=0... 7^0=1, but how do you find the value of k? I know there is not k, which some are ya are confused in but k is not a variable, its something you have... more
Exponential Function Math Algebra 2 Algebra


Can you help show steps of how this problem really looks like and solve it?

Suppose a ball is dropped from a heught of 6 meters. Using the formula h(n)=6(0.9)^1/5t n where h represents maximum height of the ball afterthe n+h bounce, what is the approximate percent rate of... more
Exponential Function Calculus


Write an exponential function y = ab^x for a graph that passes through (2, 1) and (3, 8).

Exponential Function


Find C and a so that f(x) = Ca^x satisfies the given conditions. f(-2) = 4/3, f(2) = 1/12

Exponential Function


In 2012, Destiny deposits $300 into a savings account and receives intrest each year. Complete the table below

Year            Amount in Savings Account 2012           $300.00 2013           $315.00 2014           $ 2015           $347.29 2016           $        2017           $

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