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Find the inverse of the relation f={(3,8), (8,3), (-2,7)}


The function f(x) varies inversely with x and f(x)=-15 when x=30

need help on algebra inverse equations, please help :)


Inverse trig question

cos^-1 x+sin^-1 xThanks!


Find a formula for the inverse of the following.

f(x) = ax + b,  a ≠ 0


finding the inverse functions?

Part A: If f is one-to-one and f(6)=9, then f^−1(9)= ??? and (f(6))^−1= ??? Part B: If g is one-to-one and g(7)=11, then g^−1(11) = ??? and (g(7))^−1 = ???   Not really sure how to do this;... more


Find the Inverse of f(x)= ln(e^x-5)

Find the Inverse of f(x)= ln(e^x-5). Any help will be apprecaited. An answer with a stepwise explanation would be excellent.   Thanks in advance.


Please help with this word problem. I'm not understanding this concept and I have to show all of the work.

Suppose x and y vary inversely, and y = 10 when x = 4. Write a function that models the variation (1pt.). Then find y when x = 90 (1pt.).   Thank you


Find the inverse of the function

What is the inverse of the function f(x)=(sqrt(x−5)/8)−2?f−1(x)=64(x−2)^2−5f−1(x)=8(x+2)^2+5f−1(x)=64(x+2)^2+5f−1(x)=8(x−2)^2+5


find the inverse the function

find the inverse of the function y=6x2 which has an inverse of y-1


find the inverse of the function

find the inverse of the function y=8x2 which has an inverse of y-1


Please help with inverse word problem so I can teach my son

The v of a gas kept at a constant Temperature varies inversely as the pressure p. If the pressure is 24 lbs per square inch, the volume is 15 cubic feet. What will be the volume when the pressure... more


inverse function?

what's the inverse function for this equation    Q(x) = 9e0.11x


inverse composition

show that f(x)=x+5/4 and g(x)=4x-5 are inverses using composition. 


college algebra

Given f(x) = x2 + 1 and g(x) = x + 3. Calculate the following: a) (f + g)(2) b) (f − g)(2) c) (f · g)(2) d) (f)(2) g e) f(g(2)) f) g(f(2))


Inverse Function

If f(x)= 3x+5 and g(x) =x-1, The g[f(0)]=?


inverse function

Give two different examples of functions that are equivalent to their inverses. show how you know 


if f(x) = 3x-5 then f^-1 (x) = ?

what is the inverse funtion here?


find the inverse of f(x)=-4+7/2 x

find the inverse of f(x)=-4+7/2 x


finding the inverse

Find the inverse of f(x) = (5x-3)/(2x-5)


How to graph inverse functions

Hi, I need help graphing this function. Its asking to graph the function f(x)=x2-2 and to also graph the inverse of it.m


Inverse functions

Hi, I need to know if my amswer is right because my book is saying something else. It says to find the inverse function of f(x)= x+5 . My answer for the inverse of this is f-1 (x) = x-5


What is the inverse of the function 3+9



Can someone help me find the inverse of this equation?

Y=(2x+5)/(3x-6)  How would I check it?
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